Easter weekend


With the patine cowl finished, I am now fully immersed in an unbloggable project (or two). But I think I can still find some useful blog fodder. I have some plans to do some more Excel for pattern writing posts, if that's something you guys like. And if I make good progress on the piece, I'll probably be doing some serious swatching for another personal (that is, blogable) design.

In the mean time, I leave you with some beachy cuteness from this weekend. See all the pictures, over on Flickr

Panda: "Do I want a cookie? What sort of question is that?"
Thea: "Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy."

A refreshing dip on a gorgeous day.

Pogo dog.

Thea looks uncharacteristically serious.

The girls at a down-stay, waiting for Leo to throw the squirrel.

Exhausted puppies snuggle up for the ride home.


I ALWAYS love your beachy dog pictures!

More posts on using Excel for patterns would be great! Thanks for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy it!

i love how you make the day for those two, wet and happy and all over the car. that is a true mama...willing to let the kids get dirty. love the photos, and i really like the piece you just finished, you wear it well.

So now you guys have been in Oregon over a year, right? Are you happy with the move?

ditto what deb said! i love your dogs! and your cowl sweater was beautiful!

Oh, your dogs are so sweet! Love seeing those pictures. I can't wait to take my new pups to the shore soon.

Also, I would LOVE if you posted more about Excel for patterns....

Aw, yay for the puppers! They look so, so happy in these pics.

Awwh...nothing makes my day like pups at the beach! :)

Always a fun day at the beach! I love the car pic. :)

Hi Marnie:
I've been a lurker for a few years now. I read your blog not only for knitting content but for the great photos of your dogs.

I have two rescues who are also very important family members to me. I like that you've rescued your babies too. I live in Baltimore, but I have family members who live in Portland and I visit whenever I can. I simply love the beaches on the coast and I long for my girls when I'm there visiting. How lucky you are that you can go with your pups whenever you want. They look like they're having a great life.

My older dog competes in agility and my younger dog is in training for agility and flyball, so doggie activities are a big part of my world. They inrich my life in so many wonderful ways.

Anyway, I just wanted to de-lurk to say that I enjoy seeing you and your family enjoying life together!


I love your dog photos, and wish I could bring my beasties to play with them in the water. It makes me feel so good to see how loved they are, your two. All dogs and cats and other small ones should be loved as much as Panda and Thea are. :)

I wish Oscar and I lived closer. That picture tag of "Happy happy happy...." is Oscar's normal response to everything. People keep commenting on how he always looks so happy trotting down the sidewalk or bounding through the commons. I can only imagine what chaos would ensue if he had a chance to play with your young ladies.

I always love your pictures of the girls, but I especially like the one where they're wore out and snuggling for the ride home. They are such a pair!

Yay! I always love your pics of the girls. They look like they are having so much fun!

That last photo is my favorite - I love Ms. Panda's little face.

Beachy doggy goodness is always great. Your posts inspire no matter what, and the beach posts are especially good too, because they remind me of warmer weather times, which are quickly returning here on the East coast in N.C. We are going to the beach this weekend (in Wilmington), and can't wait. The dog's will sit this one out, as we are going to the aquarium and for a horse carriage ride too downtown. I plan on taking a lot of pictures. You are an inspiration with pictures and posts, and I especially adore your posts on the dogs. They are gorgeous as always. Thank you for making me smile. :)

Thea is looking very grown up !


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