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A couple of my online friends have already sent me congrats on my shawl write up in Spin Off. In fact, Deb saw it before I even got my copy.

When Interweave contacted me about including my shawl in a "gallery of shawls," I imagined a couple of page of a dozen or more baseball card sized boxes with a photo and a short description. Even after filling out the questionnaire, I simply assumed they wanted enough material to be able to cherry pick what they printed. When I saw that I got a whole 2-page spread I was floored...and pleased.


One thing I discovered, while filling in the details, is that I am still a real neophyte at this spinning thing. How many twists per inch in the singles? I dunno. What drafting method do I use while spindling? Anything that keep the spindle from going plummeting to the floor, I'd say.

But still, it was fun to revisit this piece and I'm still proud, of the fact that I produced so much yardage on a little hand spindle.


Congrats! They should have used your model...she's much cuter! :)

Congrats, Marnie! That is so cool. I can't imagine the magazine could find a model for the shawl quite as lovely as Ms. Panda. I think she's the only one who can really do it justice :)

Too cool! Looks like the girls are mighty proud of you, too. Congrats!

I see that the magazine folks know great work when they see it! Your shawl (and you) deserves the two page spread! The doggie girls are so sweet to sit so nicely for the photo. :O) samm

Congrats!! Was this shawl ever displayed at the Santa Monica Fiber Fest a few years ago? I remember ogling a pretty orange shawl when I was there.

Haha, I love how the dogs are showing everything off so patiently.


somtimes i think all those detail's don't matter so much ya know? knowing them doesn't make you an "expert". Having a beutiful FO you love and adore seems to be more then enough then having to be technical about it. I do love the details but sometimes it's more fun just to go for it and not worry about all that and if it's perfect. Sometimes it turns out perfect without even "trying". GRATZ!

I agree--your models are better! (grin)

Fantastic!!! And much deserved - that shawl is exquisite and you are a fabulous knitter/spinner.

Congratulations. I'm so pleased for you!

PS - my copy of Spin Off is waiting for me in my PO Box. I can't wait to see the spread.

Oh we just love the girls! They are so adorable! Hope one day we get to play together :) Mum said your shawl looks good.

congratulations! how exciting!

Congratulations! That's awesome. The models are adorable! You are very talented. Your creations always amaze me.

Congratulations!!! I love the pic of the girls. They are such a pair of drama queens! ;-)

Congrats!! I haven't even opened the new spin off yet. That is fantastic that you got a whole spread, I'll have to make sure I take time to look at it today.

Yay! I can't wait to see it! You are too modest about the absolutely mesmerizing spinning that you do, though honestly, I don't know what drafting method I'd call yours, either! (Fellow neophyte). I love that shawl and the other wonderful spinning project of yours that I have on loan....:)

What a couple of cuties!

This is beautiful!! Very Beautiful!
Love the pups also

Oh wow, I'll have to go pick up that issue now!! Yay, Marnie!!

Congratulations! It deserves a whole spread, indeed!!

Yay Marnie! Beautiful shawl, and a well deserved recognition.

-- Janel

Congratulations, Marnie! A beautiful shawl from great handspun certainly deserves a spread. Whee!

Yay! I agree on the model... Panda is ALWAYS going to be cuter than any human model alive.

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