This piece is so different than my normal style. Usually, I like to create something you couldn't just pop into Old Navy or Gap and buy. But sometimes it's nice to crank out something so utilitarian that you could wear it twice in a week and no one would notice.


There's not too much to say about it. The lines and construction are all quite simple. It's incredibly comfortable and should be a nice layering piece on those rare occasions I need to be in the office for work.


I think my mannequin wears it a little better than I do. She's such a show off.

IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0013.JPG

Even though this piece feels a little "blah" to me, there are elements I like. I find the wide ribbing very flattering and I thought the way the collar looked, when half finished, could be modified into an interesting shawl collar on a cardigan.

For now, this piece is off to New Hampshire to get a warm dip in a dye bath.


It turned out great! It definitely looks like something that will get worn a lot. A very versatile knit!

Practical but lovely.

I happen to really like that cowl top. I like the color and everything as is. I think you will love wearing it and it definitely flatters you.

that turned out great, it's nice to have basics that you can wear over and over. Hey those are cute jeans, what brand are they?

Oh no you definitely look way better in it...very flattering!

I love the waist-shaping on it! Beautiful!

I have the same opinion about my knits...they need to have a personality that you can't find in your mainstream store. But sometimes the finished object that you knit is just too good to pass up.

This would definitely be one of those. Great job.

It looks great on you, it's super flattering!

That really turned out great and it looks super on you! Can't wait to see it after it's bath in NH. :)

that is gorgeous! too bad t he color got sun-altered, cuz i like it on you. that looks like it would work for us busty gals as well. ya gonna do it up for everyone, or keep it for yourself, lol?

Hey, I'm all about simple and practical- nuthin' wrong with that! It's lovely on you, too!

Simple it may be, but it is absolutely gorgeous and very flattering on you! Can't wait to see the dye job.

I can see that top having many uses over the years. I can't wait to see it after your mom dyes it!

Simple but lovely.

Yeah, the mannikin's a hottie, but then again, so are you (and it's always better to see an FO on a Real Person) and the top looks great!

Blah! Goodness no. It's all about the fit, and it fits beautifully. I can't wait to see how it looks after its color bath.

I love it. I hope you will make the pattern available.

It looks fantastic on you! :)

Hey, simple is great! I love clean lines and details. I can picture that with a pretty summer skirt or under a suit. Looks good on you, Marnie!

you did a beautiful job with the shaping and it really does look great on you. I love it.

I have to disagree with you: the top looks way better on you than on the mannequin! You have much more style :) It looks really wonderful on you and works as both a work-friendly or casual piece. Yay!

That is the best cowl neck I can remember seeing. It has just the right combo of drape and structure.

Go Marnie!

I agree, it's important to have utilitarian pieces in a wardrobe. This is nice though, because while it's simple, it's not really ordinary. I love the waist shaping details, and the neck is perfect.

So funny that it's not "you" - it is definitely "me" - Gap or no Gap. I think it turned out perfectly. Write up the pattern - you'll make a killing. :)

I love the collar and agree with Julia; people are really into layering pieces right now and will buy that pattern.

I think the top looks much better on you than the mannequin. I used these photos as an example to my roomie as to why you're my favorite designer. He said I should get your number.

I don't think the piece itself is "blah" at all. The ribbing is very flattering and the collar accents your neck perfectly. I also adore the shaping.

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