Better than getting a pony


My birthday is right around the corner (the 18th if you're curious) and, true to form, Leo presents me with a gift, the moment he decides what it is.There's no wrapping and waiting around these parts. Who cares though because I got an iTOUCH! Squeeeeeeeeee!

Image copyright Apple Computers

I leave for a business trip, tomorrow, so I'm filling her up with music, podcasts, videos and photos. Yay for toys.

Thea just had her first agility course since November. I thought, for sure, she'd have forgotten everything, but she did great.

Well, when she wasn't on the course, she was still a big ol' floozy...

IMG_0097.JPG IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0075.JPG IMG_0058.JPG

This is her new BFF, Rio. I think they would have run off and gotten married, given half a chance. More than a few people felt they should go get a room.


So, yah, Thea had fun, but check her out on the course. She was doing great considering she hadn't been in a class for months. That was a pretty easy course, but I was happy to see her doing so well. Go Thea!


Happy Early birthday! The iPod Touch looks like a fun new toy. Enjoy!

Btw, I loved your Lily top too Very pretty.

Very cool! Happy Happy!

Thea is too cute!

off topic but i noticed the photo of you that is in IK spring! (it's in an ad I believe). very cool!

Happy early birthday! Some of my favorite people are Aquarians....

Happy early birthday! What a fun present, too. Way to go Thea, for doing so well on the course!

Whoa, Thea is doing GREAT on the agility! She's paying really good attention to you too. :)

I've resisted all thing iPod, but if anything could get me to abandon my Cowon D2, it would be a Touch.

Happy early birthday!

Holy cr@p I'm jealous. Your dog's a freakin' prodigy/genius! Oh well. My dogs may be dumb but they', really good at sleeping! Yeah. Take that.

Aw.. Thea's got a BF!

Well done in scoring an iTouch, when Mum gets home I must show her your new toy, she'll be totally gasp and envious!

What a sweet gift for someone on the go like you! Yeah Thea! Go for it Panda! What adorable pics! :)

Ha! She sure does love those boys ;-) And such a great gift! I have my sights on one of those as well. Can't wait to hear how you like yours.

Lucky you, soon to be birthday girl!

Thea and Rio looks SO cute together, and she did an awesome job in her agility run. She's as smart as she is cute! :-)

I love watching you and thea do her training ..


Let me chime in and wish you a happy early birthday! Leo is a terrific gift-giver!

And Thea is so cute in those pictures. She looks great on the agility course!

Very cool bday gift you have there! Have fun with it!

Yay Thea! And double-yay for presents!

Hey the 18th! An excellent day. I'm the 24th. Feb. babies rock.

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