It's a relief to have this finished. UFOs really irk me, I think because I'm so bad about revisiting them if I've lost my momentum. I seem to be getting better at it, with age, but I still think I do best with a big burst of inspiration.

Finished Lily Front

You know what's funny? This might be one of the few garments that looks a little better on me than the mannequin. The very narrow hips and shoulders of my stand-in, make the piece look unbalanced (top heavy?), to my eye. Still, she holds still which is useful on these overcast days.

Finished Lily w/ Thea

When I first started designing this, I felt sure that I did not want ribbing at the neck and hem. I can't remember why, because I actually really like it, now. At the sleeve hem, I just used a simple i-cord bind-off to maintain the rather pronounced scallop that the lace produces. But, at the neck and hem, I think the ribbing does a nice job of producing a clean finished edge.

Finished Lily Neckline

Speaking of the neckline, I used a few decreases to keep that boat neck from falling off the shoulders. It juuuust covers my bra straps. I could probably have done a little more ribbing if it bothered me, but right now, I like it.

I really don't think I need to say much about my love for Calmer. I've used it quite a few times before and love it to pieces. It's soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, and for those of you who can't stomach the price, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the yardage and how far it goes, when knit at the recommended gauge.

All in all, I think it's another piece I'll actually wear. I'll try to get a shot of me in it, eventually, but it's a bit too rainy and cold right now.


Really beautiful!

Marnie, the sweater is just lovely. I loved the swatch and I love the finished object even more. Kudos!

Your sweater is beyond gorgeous! Great job!

Beautiful. That says it all. Have you ever thought of designing something for us.. ah...larger gals?

pretty! I like it a lot.

Wah... so pretty and so fast you finished this since the last post!

It's gorgeous!

I think it's beautiful! I love your designs.

Your Lily is just so beautiful! You performed is very well and I wish I could design and knit such great pieces.

um, I think this is one of your finest.

I keep saying that. :) But, I mean it. This is really beautiful and unique.

It looks spectacular! I love the way the ribbing brings everything together. I'm glad you finished it! :)

I usually don't like bobbledy bits in my knitting...but on this?

A wonderful design element. (it totally helps that it's not creating the "headlight" effect on ones so many bobble patterns do ;) )

Lovely sweater though I have to admit I'm distracted by the green grass in the photos (and the doggie). I think that confirms that I have hit the February blah stage of winter.

Lovely! I really like where you went with this design. It is visually interesting but not overwhelming. And in Calmer! I bet it feels so nice on :-)

Oh my, it's gorgeous! The lily of the valley detailing is amazing - and I like how the pattern grows from the bottom of the sleeves. I am a total Calmer addict myself - I've knit with it so many times, and am about to do so again.

I think the ribbing at the neck and hem looks really good! I love how this turned out- Lily is stunning & I bet it looks even more fabulous on you.

this is really just so elegant looking!!!!!

I think it looks great on the Mannequin, so it must be spectacular on you!!! I think this calls for a little Rebecca-esque CAL photo-shoot. Say, Portland, March 14th-ish?

Lily looks really lovely now that she's finished. It is such an amazing replica of the flower it's mesmerizing!

If you are worried about bra strap showing, I took a page from a 50's dress and sewed in some little tiny ribbons at the shoulder with baby snaps. I put on my boat neck, slide the little ribbon under my bra strap and snick it closed - stays put all day!

OMG it's amaaaaazing. I LOVE that. I would wear it every day... ;)

"She holds still"? You mean you don't? Or just not in this weather?

What happened to the snow? Or is that only in the mountains? I'm confused. But that's nothing new.


sigh. just sooooooo pretty. when are you going to design for us busty girls, though, lol?

i loved calmer, when i worked with it. my daughter's friend had non-hodgekins lymphoma (at 16!), and steph asked me to make her a hat since they were going to shave her head when she started chemo. i had originally thought to do shedir, but teenage girls aren't into all those cables, so i made a simple short-row hat iwth a cable around the brim. she adored it, and it only took 2/3 of a ball!

I love how Panda seeming knows how her tail is wrapping around "Lily" and she seems to be thinking, I love Marnie for making this sweater so I too can be in the picture!

I so relate to Panda with my Border Collie Tipsy! She only gets into my pics when I am shooting my creations, it's like her final herding up of the sheep!

Wow. I really love this design. =D

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