Let's hope this isn't a shot of tonight's accommodations


Well, Astoria and I are hanging out at JFK airport.

Luckily, we got here early, because my 6:20 PM flight to Chicago was canceled. I called Orbitz who said they thought they could get me on the 3:40PM flight instead. Awesome. Only, they accidentally scheduled me for tomorrow's 3:40PM flight. Oops. Ok, one more time and we have it. SWEET.

But, you see, there's this powdery white stuff everywhere, and my 3:40 flight is now scheduled to take off sometime around 5:20.

I'm totally fine with that, since it's still about an hour earlier than my originally scheduled flight, but I"m skeptical that waiting longer to take off will improve the situation.

P.S. It's damned cold here. Brrr.

P.P.S. Photos taken live from my laptop's built in camera and Photobooth software

P.P.P.S. That was Leo's idea.


Oh yikes! I have friends in NYC- email me if you need a place to stay tonight- I'm serious! xo-S.

Be glad you are at JFK and not Laguardia. You have a better chance of getting out (I speak from experience...) and also, there is more food/entertainment to be had. Nothing is worse than sitting in an airport which has had EVERYTHING close for the night.

Good luck with your flight, the weather down here does seem to be clearing up enough to fly out at least.

Oh, Marnie! I hope you're not stuck in the airport all night- I'm thinking warm thoughts for you and if you're ever stuck in DC, my place is just a metro away. Good luck!

JFK's not that far from us either, really . . . here's hoping your flight gets out!!

I'm so sorry to say there's powdery stuff everywhere in Chicago, too. I'll send good warm vibes in the directions of our airports, though!

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