Sexy knitting


Woohoo! Both Bella Paquita AND Giselle were chosen for this session of the Sexy Knitters' Club.

I really couldn't be more flattered, especially considering the spectacular competition.
Just check out this list.

One of the things about my free patterns is that many are a bit rough around the edges, so I expect to be doing a lot of pattern support for Bella Paquita, but Giselle has been test knit 3 times, tech edited and copy edited so I'll mostly be answering clarifying questions for that one.

BP_reshoot.jpg naama 317.jpg

If any of you were thinking about knitting either pattern, you might consider joining the group and knitting along. I can't wait to see how people's projects turn out.


Congratulations...two patterns!!...they are both gorgeous and definitely sexy!

Congrats you sexy knitter!

congrats! both are very sexy :)

congrats! what a (very deserving) honor!

I'm so excited since my Bristol Red Silky Wool came in. Now I've just got to finish a few things on the needles, and then I can get on to the swatch.


I love them both--but I think Giselle is calling my name-

Yay! Congrats. Very deserving nominations. I've long lusted after your Bella Pacquita - especially since it uses Artfibers yarn!

Wow... good one! Great job!
What can we say, both patterns are sexy and you look absolutely gorgeous modeling them!

CONGRATS! Now I'll have to make Giselle.....

I think in the photo of Giselle you look like a 50's era Hollywood Screen Siren. Congrats on getting two designs picked!

Wow! I guess this officially makes you one of the sexiest knitwear designers on earth...

And I'm lusting after Bella Paquita! Must stop sleeping...

Congrats! I just downloaded Giselle and can't wait to start on it! :)

i saw that photo of you in gisele in vogue knitting. you are gorgeous as is that sweater.

Congrats! Both designs are so beautiful!

Congratulations, this must be such a thrill for you..!

Congrats on getting Sexy! ; )

I didn't have any trouble when I knit Bella...I think you're being a little hard on yourself!

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