Green cards and argyle hats


My dear Canadian friends got their green cards, last week, and threw a little party to celebrate. The other guests wore green in honor of the occasion and I brought some AmeriCone Dream ice cream. With knee slapping humor like that, here in the states, it's a wonder they didn't pack their lovely things and head back to the icy embrace of the Canadian snow. It was a small but rowdy festive group, and the hosts ensured there were plenty of libations.

party1.jpg silly girls.jpg

But I learned something very important about myself.
I admit, I may have let loose with a bit of language that was unbecoming a queen, but when one must bring the smack down, one must also bring the smack talk. I believe their is a theorem that covers this.

In other news, the Corn on the Nod hat is coming along nicely.


I've completed the argyle section and now need to decide how long I want to make the hat before decreasing for the crown.


Oooo, I love Blokus. It's not surprising that you rule at that game. You have a great visual sense that shows up every time you're designing a new project.

Looooooooove Blokus! Such fun. I agree with Amy, your moves probably look like that (beautiful) argyle! :)

Nice job on the argyle! I love argyle!

Ooooh the hat is purty! Speaking of AmeriCone Dreams ice cream, my daughter (the conservative) got me a Steven Colbert for President T shirt for Christmas. A fondness for the Colbert Report is one thing we share (altho she keeps saying that he is really more conservative than I think -hah!)

Those colors are so gorgeous together--I love the variegation in the blue against the brown. Blokus is a great game, isn't it?

Okay, that hat is looking FABULOUS! More, more!

you are such the rowdy gal - like the argyles!

Ooohh, very nice Corn on the Nod hat. I attempted an argyle last summer during the boys' swimming lesson. 'Nough said.

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