I felt badly


No really. That's not bad grammar up there, I really don't felt well, but I sure have fun trying.

My mom got me a fantastic needle felting book, about a year ago and I read every word of it but hadn't actually tried my hand at it. This is not uncommon for me. I generally take time to absorb a certain amount of technique before diving in.

When I saw that the Mendocino Yarn Shop had some needle felting supplies, I decided it was time.

So, while watching a bit of TV, on a lazy Saturday, I began stabbing the bejeebus out of some of my Almost Solid Series fiber sampler pack.


Stabby stabby stabby stabby.

I find it equal parts tedious and fun. On the one hand, I don't really like having to constantly watch what I'm doing, and the little multi-needle tool makes a little clacking noise when you use it, which is not loud, but it's noticeable. On the other hand, it's pretty amazing seeing and feeling the transformation of fiber from soft and floofy to dense and matted. And once in a zone, it can be really addicting.


I figured I'd make a little case or cozy of some sort. At this point, I was more driven by process than product. When I'd had about enough of stabbing, I started trimming off edges.

But how to finish it? Well, duh, this is roving after all. How about I spin myself some matching yarn with which to seam the piece?


I didn't need much. In a few minutes I had enough length for a 2-ply yarn with plenty to spare.

After some more snipping and embellishing, I had a funky looking case for my sunglasses.


And I even added a button from a collection of vintage beauties, my friend Ruinwen sent me.


I think this is a really fun way to use up scraps of roving and fiber I have lying around. I'll definitely be doing more.


DUDE, that is seriously the coolest thing ever!!!

I've seen some really neat things done with needle felting. I admire it, but have no interest at all in doing it. Of course, I don't like other felted projects (with the possible exception of felted slippers) either.

Oh well, I have enough else to do anyway.

great remnants busting idea! brilliant!

that's a beautiful case. nicely done.

Oh oh.. is that a guinea pig sleeping bag? It's lovely!

That is some awesome felting!

I love how fluid and sculptural your case is. It's a wonderful accessory. You'll have great fun using tiny scraps and creating items that need a body rather than drape. I can't wait until you felt a tiny Panda and a long-eared Thea.

Too cute! I don't see myself ever doing that (although writing that pretty much assures that I will), but it is cool to see the process and your sunglass case is very cute!

Okay, a) you don't felt badly- that little sunglass case is freaking adorable; and b) I love that idea for using leftover roving- fantastic!

So creative!! BTW, I was pleased as punch to see your pretty face in the recent issue of Vogue Knitting (the ad for Giselle). It was a pleasant surprise!!

It's great to see what you can make from just a few scraps. I love how organic and painterly needle felting is, especially since embroidery and stranded colorwork are fairly linear and binary (either there's color x there, or there isn't) with much more labor required to get shading and gradation of color. Your sunglass case has a lovely, serendipitous quality to it. I'm definitely going to have to give needle felting a go at some point. Now if I can just figure out how to get my 1 year old to nap more...

The word geek in me LOVES the double entendre of "I felt badly." Hee!

The case looks great! Look at you, being all crafty! I like the flame part of the cover--very cool. Do you know how many ounces of fiber you used?

What a lovely use for leftover roving - and your sunglasses will be clothed in style ;)

You are just amazing. Just BAM! BAM! cool finished project.

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