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Sexy knitting


Woohoo! Both Bella Paquita AND Giselle were chosen for this session of the Sexy Knitters' Club.

I really couldn't be more flattered, especially considering the spectacular competition.
Just check out this list.

One of the things about my free patterns is that many are a bit rough around the edges, so I expect to be doing a lot of pattern support for Bella Paquita, but Giselle has been test knit 3 times, tech edited and copy edited so I'll mostly be answering clarifying questions for that one.

BP_reshoot.jpg naama 317.jpg

If any of you were thinking about knitting either pattern, you might consider joining the group and knitting along. I can't wait to see how people's projects turn out.

Giselle is now available


<naama 286.jpg

Get the pattern here

Despite some delays along the way, it's so gratifying to have this pattern finally available.

The design may be mine but I can't dismiss the many hours that others put in to make this pattern a quality product. Self publishing has it's merits, but knowing that my piece has been test knit, proofread, tech edited, professionally photographed (even if the model is a bit amateurish*) and nicely laid out is wonderful, and a bit humbling.

Thank you to those of you who have been waiting for this and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Garment designed by Marnie MacLean for Stitch Diva Studios.

All photographs are Copyright Jennifer Hansen 2007. All rights reserved.

Orange garment knit by Sarah Wilson

Red/Silver garment knit by Marnie MacLean

Cropped version knit by Danna Spiro who also provided copy editing

Technical editor Donna Druchunas

* Teehee, just playing with you. I'm not fishing for compliments

Various and sundry topics


Lots more pictures of Giselle, including the cropped version, over here.

marnie 489.jpg

See some beautifully retouched photos here.

Leo has been making jack-o-lanterns and I have been toasting the seeds.

big pumkin.jpg sniff.jpg

pirate pumpkin.jpg

The pirate is getting a little long in the tooth, after a week outside. The orange one is new. It weighed almost 40lbs before being gutted. That's how much each of the pups weigh.

If the weather stays relatively mild, we'll be getting a lot more cosmos.

bunch of cosmos.jpg

The bees like em

bee and white cosmo.jpg

Is there anything sweeter?

love.jpg evening at home.jpg kiss the girl.jpg



I am so pleased to present my newest pattern, Giselle, which will be available exclusively through Stitch Diva Studios.

naama 317.jpg

The pattern is currently in the tech editing stage, in Donna Druchunas' capable hands. After that, it goes to layout and then the pattern will be available for order.

Jennifer asked me to model the garment so I met with her, near her home and we shot over two days. I have the first day's shoot up at my Flickr account. I'll have the second day's shoot, shortly in the same location. Check out a couple of the outtakes at the end of the set.

naama 458.jpg

The garment is modeled in three variations; an all knit version (orange), a knit and crochet version (red and silver-mo betta pictures to come) and a cropped version in knit and crochet (to come, in brown and teal.) However, the knitter can work any of the styles in a single color or in two colors and may work knit or crochet trim in any combination.

naama 116.jpg

This design is based on a piece I've called, The Wedding Cardi, which I knit for myself back in 2005, for a friend's wedding.


It was knit in a discontinued yarn, and well before I had a firm grasp of pattern writing. I had it as set dressing for one of my episodes of Knitty Gritty and have continued to receive requests for a pattern, since. I hope that this ends up being a popular pattern. I'll let you know when it's available for purchase.

Switching horses mid-stream


While I'm really excited about my current project for Stitch Diva, this particular stretch of the piece has dogged me. I originally calculated and cast on for this section on Saturday, while watching The Queen and enjoying a glass of wine. After more than 25 years of knitting, you'd think I'd know that I needed a little more focus than that, to calculate a pattern. I'm obviously a slow learner. I cast on 250 stitches, using the long tail cast-on, (my personal favorite for it's speed,) only, BAH, not enough tail.

So I ripped, and cast on again and made it. I knit my 250 (give or take) stitches for 20 rows, during the movie, and a bit the following day, before realizing that my calculations were off. Oh, yes, there was ripping.


I focused myself on my calculations. I checked my work, and cast on again. After three tries, to get the cast on tail the right length, I nearly chucked my work out a window. Less stubborn knitters than I might have tried a couple of alternatives, such as:

  • A knitted on or cabled cast on, which requires no tail.
    Vetoed because I find it so dreadfully slow to do, I'd rather rip the long tail out forever and redo, like Sisyphus rolling his boulder up the mountain.

  • Long tail cast on worked from both ends of a center pull ball.
    Vetoed because it means another end to weave in. Also vetoed because of the aforementioned stubbornness.

  • Actually note the length of the tail for the failed cast on and extrapolate the needed additional length from there.
    Vetoed because I'm stupid.

But, all stubbornness and stupidity aside, I nearly did admit defeat and put the item in temporary time-out, until I realized that the cast on will be completely concealed with crochet. There is no way anyone is going to be able to see it. This gave me an option, when I realized I was about 50 stitches short of my goal. When I was left with a sufficient tail to weave in the end, but not enough to complete the cast on, I switched to a knitted on cast on.


This puts a little tail in the middle of the cast on. To the right of the tail, in the image, is the long tail cast on, to the left is the knitted on cast on.

Here she is, really close up


Personally, I would never do this if the cast on would be visible. There's a pretty noticeable difference and it would irk me even if no one else ever noticed. But since this baby will be obscured by crochet, there's no harm, no foul and my sanity is preserved.

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