It's about time


I'm embarrassed to admit that we have not done a doggy outing since our New Year's Eve road trip. And weather has been quite rainy here which means we really haven't done much of anything outside. The girls? They were pretty stir crazy.


We were long overdue for a run on Cannon Beach, but not before stopping at our favorite breakfast locale for some crabcakes benny. Mmmmm, tastes like heart disease. Some folks can't turn down sweets, I can't turn down hollandaise sauce.

Next to our booth was placed an interesting little item. What do you think?


For the low low price of $195, American, you too can own this ceramic center piece. We decided to pass on it.

Once we were sated, Leo brought a little bit of bacon and eggs out to the girls while I settled the bill. We were off to haystack rock.

Because it was such a beautiful day, the beach was just teeming with happy people and lots of pups. The waves were churning and the squirrel was a-flying.


Thea fell in love with Cocoa, a cutie with a penchant for, um, let's call it "asserting himself" upon her. This was her first time dealing with such a pushy pup, and we were pleased to see that she handled herself well; setting boundaries without holding any grudges.

IMG_0125.JPG IMG_0146.JPG IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0172.JPG

Cocoa and Thea played for a long time, and Panda begrudgingly allowed him to join in with fetch, though when he attempted to get too friendly with Panda, she didn't hesitate to put him in his place. He didn't try that again. I'm pretty sure he said something about a "party poopers."

Eventually, Cocoa's parents had to leave, but we continued to enjoy the gorgeous day.


If you aren't going to be able to get to the beach every weekend, you gotta make the visits count.


It was wonderful having sun after so many rainy weekends.


When the girls were finally showing the merest hint of slowing down, Leo decided we should walk over to Haystack Rock and do a little tide-pooling


The anemones were all vivid pinks and shocking greens, and if you looked really carefully, you could find a few starfish hiding under rocks.

IMG_0261.JPG IMG_0270.JPG

But all good things must come to an end, and as the clouds darkened the sky a bit and the temperature started to drop, we knew we'd have head home.

Our last sight, before leaving the coast was a few elk grazing lazily along the side of the highway.


The girls slept the whole way.


There was some knitting too. I'll post about that soon.


wow, that looked like an awesome fun day for you and the dogs! love the tidepool photos.

wow, that looked like an awesome fun day for you and the dogs! love the tidepool photos.

Wow, Panda can really JUMP! What an athlete!

Looks like you guys had a great time. I always like seeing your puppy pictures!

I've given you a wee award -come and see!...fantastic photos btw

sounds like a wonderful time! and the colors of the starfish are amazing.

Your pictures are really fabulous. What type of camera do you use? Apart from that...your subject matter is really great also. Nice.

Wonderful photos. Love those pups!

What beautiful, beautiful scenery.

If you change your mind about the centerpiece, it's probably still there. :)

I can't understand yet why you let the opportunity of purchasing that ceramic masterpiec... errr... centerpiece slip.
Tee hee hee.

Panda can JUMP! Looks like a sunny-fun weekend.

just beautiful! I love the picture of the girls and Leo in front of Haystack rock!

That is such a cool picture of your family! Panda jumping, Thea in the background, the smile on your guy's face, a really fun picture. Go-go pogo Panda!

I love the tidepool pics too.

I swear Labs are the humpiest dogs ever. Tahoe has some sort of scent or something that used to make them come waddlin' from all the way across the dog park, hips a-hunchin'.

Cutest dogs ever! Looks like a really fun trip! Happy New Year.

i love reading about your outings. you have the luckiest dogs alive! are there any rules about having dogs leashed on beaches at all?

I see Thea got a little lovin'!! hehe.

Great pics of the beach and tidepool treasures!

Yay! Dog fun. My dogs would be so happy if we lived closer to a dog-friendly beach. And, there's just nothing better than sleepy dogs.

so much fun! i'm actually packing up to move to PDX (from the east coast) with a beach loving pooch myself. your photos make me psyched for weekends of running the pup around outside in that fabulous scenery. yay!

I AM SOOOO jealous - the pics and the day are gorgeous - I was fogged in all day at work. Glad someone enjoyed the day for me. I have my little one (5lb yorkie) curled up on the backs of my legs as I knit and watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles and read the blog...

Wow... looks like fun! And crabcakes benny sounds yummy.. I wonder if guinea pigs can have them. That was a rather peculiar looking $195 item! What does it do?

Reading of your outings from snowy Toronto Canada is such fun and strengthens my resolve to get out kids out there soon!

BTW is that a canvas liner you use in the back for the wet dogs? Brilliant!

Awesome day trip! I love the two consecutive photos of Panda airborne and Leo with both girls. The tide-pooling looks incredible. I have yet to see something like that here. I guess we'll have to keep trying!

It's raining and is supposed to continue all week. It's an awesome break from all that sunshine. Some days it's nice to just hole up and look out the window at the clouds.

You guys always seem to have the most fun! And you know my mouth waters every time I hear about the crabcake bennies! One of these days!

That looks like a great day out on the beach! Oscar has a friend here who likes to assert dominance in that same uncomfortable fashion. I hope soon he learns to keep out from under that much larger dog!

That looks like a great day out on the beach! Oscar has a friend here who likes to assert dominance in that same uncomfortable fashion. I hope soon he learns to keep out from under that much larger dog!

I simply can't imagine living in close proximity to such gorgeous scenery. The anemone pictures are beautiful! Of COURSE the pup pictures are always my favorites, though. ;-)

Hey there, great looking day. Been awhile since our pooch made it to the beach, our poor hawaiian doggie. The lake is too cold right now for her old bones.
Hey, where in NH did you grow up? I grew up in Campton/Plymouth.

In my next life I want to come back as your dog! They have so much fun!

Love the photos. What a gorgeous day. I have a dog myself and they are great fun. I had to laugh when I read about the crab cakes. I had a nice pasta Alfredo with crab for breakfast myself, left from supper last night.

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