What I did with my long weekend


I know I'm a little late to be reporting about my weekend. But these pictures are making me happy right now and I want to share.

I finally finished the piece I've been knitting for Donna Druchunas' upcoming book. We were all asked to incorporate one of Dorothy Reade's lace patterns into an original design. I love this sort of challenge. I find I'm far more creative when I have some sort of rule or limitation.


I wish I could show you the whole thing but this teaser will have to do for now. The yarn is Lorna's Laces, Lion and Lamb. And the wee buttons? Those are vintage. I just love old buttons. I've been slowly amassing (maybe more of an "asmattering") a little collection of vintage buttons.

Completing this piece basically frees me of all deadline knitting. There is actually one other small item I need to knit but it's, as I said, small and I expect it to be rather fun, too.

I do have a substantial amount of pattern writing to do now, though. It's never as much fun as the designing and knitting but I guess it's what they pay me for, right?

On Saturday, Leo and I walked around downtown Portland a bit. We live about 10 minutes from downtown, but for the sake of our savings accounts, we don't go terribly often.

Obviously, most shops were a mob scene, this weekend, but we weren't terribly bothered by it. The air was crisp, there was no rain and very little wind. Just gorgeous.

I love how the sidewalks get stained by the fallen leaves.


Hi, I'm the weird girl who photographs the sidewalk, how are you today?

When one stops staring at her toes, the stuff higher up looks pretty darn nice too.


Check out THAT hottie.


I would photograph that sidewalk, too. That used to happen in Richmond, where I grew up. I don't think I've seen it in years, so it felt like deja vu. Yay for having almost all publication work done! I am so looking forward to a year of just for Marnie knits. Looks like a fun weekend with a handsome guy!
Love, J

wow the sidewalk with leaf stains is beautiful. i have never seen that before...as you know, no fall leaves here in l.a.

Hottie, indeed! Leo looks terrific, as always.

Those buttons are beautiful! They remind me of filigree. Lovely.

Portland looks beautiful, must come up there and see it myself. And el Leo? Que guapisimo! (and you may quote me on that, hehe...)

That lace looks lovely.

The thing about Portland is that everybody is photographing the sidewalk. My hubby and I took a walk along waterfront park when we were in town a few weeks ago, and I was bemoaning forgetting my camera. As we walked along we must have passed at least 4 other individuals with camera equipment out shooting the scenery.

What beautiful pictures! That little lace teaser is SO pretty, I love your patterns, I just added your poet coat from Boho Knits to my queue, that's the pattern that will make me buy this book!

The leaves on the pavement remind me of wrought iron...very lovely. BTW we are cleaning up my Mom's house and I have a jar of buttons that my Great Grandmother was collecting. I don't know if you would like any of them, but if you would like the jar e-mail me your snail address and I'd be happy to send it to you. :)

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