Trouble, thy name is Thea


There really are days when I want to trade her in for a guinea pig or maybe a German Shepherd, heck, there are days when I'd probably trade her for a nice piece of chocolate. For instance, you could have gotten a very nice deal on a slightly used, definitely broken, Cattle Dog mix, last week.

The scene:
Green cream filling everywhere. One might assume it's another eviscerated toy.

green guts everywhere 2.jpg

One would be wrong


Upon closer inspection, it appears that some little stinker has taken it upon herself to do surgery to her own bed. The dirty little...*ahem*

Nothing to do but break out the sewing kit.


Poor franken-bed.


I guess I'd never appreciate just how good Miss Panda is, if it weren't for her devilish little sister.

what_whatdidIdo.jpg lounging.jpg

Of course, it's always the bad girls who get all the love. You can see some of Thea's other handiwork over at Goofy Dogs.

And lest you think I'm boxing her up and shipping her back to the factory for a refund, fear not. She'll always be my sweet little demon.


Look at that face?!? She didn't mean to be bad - I'm sure there was a monster inside and she was saving you. Yeah-yeah - that's the story! My mini-doxie rips whatever he can if left alone. That's why he's in a cage all day with plain newsprint for padding. RIP RIP.

Oh, Thea...You know she just does these little things just to keep you on your toes! ;)

OMG! I'm going throught the same thing with my new dog, Oscar, who is 2. I had Rex for 16 years and I'd forgotten how good he really was. He never messed with anything that wasn't his - except the trash - and was never caught on the furniture.

Last week, I came home to discover that Oscar had ripped into the arm of a nearly mint condition 1950's armchair I have in the spare bedroom. He's also developed a fondness for digging in the clothes hamper and dragging unmentionables around the house. So I keep dog-proofing but it seems like I'm never catching up! He doesn't mean to be bad though, and he's soooo cute. Rotten dog! :)

I have a naughty doggy too. In fact, I think I've had a naughty doggy every time I've had a doggy. Just like you, I have accepted that this is my problem to fix. While doggy gets a verbal scolding (usually just a pointing and a scowl), I have really trained myself to PUT EVERYTHING AWAY before leaving the house. I do my best to remove the temptation. If I come home and something's shredded, I point and scowl and then mumble to myself as I clean up.

it seems some dogs do chew up their beds, though they don't chew anything else. I wonder why?

I'm glad Panda is all better. that picture, bottom right- that's probably what she did the day you took Thea and left her at home to recuperate. we feel bad and miss them, they nap. :)

Ha! Her cute little mug saves her when she's naughty. And look at that angelic Panda!

LOL at the innocent look on Thea's face when caught in the act!

Our little Leyna (Min Pin) discovered yesterday that she can unwind the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. As if that weren't fun enough, she can then shred all that white never ending stream of fun all over the house!

Sigh, why do they have to look so dog-gone cute when they create such mischief? ;-)

One of my friends calls dog beds "consumables" in her household.

Well, at least she's chewing on her OWN stuff.... And, really, how could you resist that face?

I have this theory that dogs whose ears point straight up are mischevious (not naughty) and dogs whose ears go downwards are thoughtfull
( only very rarely they to do silly things, but look embaressed when caught being goofy). My friends dogs are like your girls except they're sheppard rottie boys...ears up Kikko=trouble...ears down Klaus=good boy.

Hopefully this won't happen to you, but puppy Belu inspired Tahoe to be very naughty indeed. He had been an angel before she came, of course. Together they would team up on those lovely (expensive) foam beds, flipping them over and tearing the stuffing out of the center bottom and playing tug with the bed. Little b@stards.

Such cuteness.

i love that picture on goofy dog with panda looking like the guilty one and thea being totally ok with the mess.

Heh. A coupla nights ago, I gave my doggies some stuffed candy canes that came with their stockings. . .there was stuffing all over the floor in two minutes flat! : )

We like the chewy toys, at our house. Not the squishy ones!

When I first saw the picture at the top of your blog, I had a mild heart attack thinking that Thea had gotten into your spinning fiber! Although I'm sure it wasn't any fun to mend her doggie bed, I was relieved to find out that the green stuff wasn't roving or anything else as precious.

And awww . . . I love Panda's expression in that linked picture. She's so cute.

I awaken to Ash expelling about a gallon of urine onto our Oriental rug, so I think that a guinea pig might be a better choice than a goofy GSD!

Oh yes... freshie pup. My dog rips her bed only if she can find an opening (i.e hole near zipper etc.) Maybe that will help with any future house decorations ;)
She also gets her sister in on it, so once she starts it's a free for all. Delightful isn't it? :)
I'd almost trade for chocolate on one of those days, but then she gives me THAT look, and it's over.
Ah for the love of dogs...

It must be something in the air! Loki ripped up the big doggie bed last night too! I haven't sewed it up yet though.

But you know that Thea's cute little face, and joy in seeing you makes all the stuffing the stuffing back into the bed all worth it! :) She's so cute!

I thought it was fiber too! Whew. You know, I saw that bed earlier, and I too thought it looked a bit lumpy. How else did you expect her to rearrange the insides? Give her a break, she has no thumbs!

Thea did such a thorough job on her bed it is a shame you can't praise her for it! And just look at that face--so much sweeter than chocolate!

Uh oh... naughty Thea...
Well, she's probably curious about what's in the bedding. Wiggley does that too!
At least your sewing is really good, bed looks brand new after the fix!

Yeah, every time I find something chewed and/or destroyed (rats and rabbits), someone looks up at me with a sweet little face and I start blaming myself!

You know, it wasn't her fault: a big mastiff..., ehrrr... a huge dinosaur, I mean, slipped in the house and ripped the bed. You should be thankful because Thea managed to throw the beast out before it reached the cookie jar ;).
If it comforts you: my little-sweetie-Panda, better known in California as "chocolate-chip-cookie-nose", has "done surgery" to three beds up to now ¬¬. I used to call her the berserk puppy ;).
I love your Panda's face at Goofy Doggies :) "I couldn't stop her, mommy, it wasn't my fault".

I hadn't been here in a while and didn't notice the change in your page's banner. I'm in love with the dog's face.

Looks like he's saying, "I'm innocent."

I also like how the two doggies are color coordinated.

Awww a girl after my own heart-ripping stuff apart. Now if she could learn to put it back together. But I guess that's mom's job!

Oh can you stay mad at that cute face? :)

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