Another great day at the beach


You may all be getting sick of Cannon Beach pictures, but we never get sick of going, and, of course, it's Panda's most favorite place, being so full of water, sand and fetch. What's so great is that the beach is clean, there are hardly any crowds and there seems to be minimal rip current to pull our cutie pup under the waves.

We are continuing our quest south down the beach, this time starting from haystack rock. You can see all the pictures from the beach, by going to this page.

Beach going is one part sight seeing to two parts fetch.

A stick carved by some sort of wood loving creepy crawly.


The mist rising up around Haystack rock. This time the tide was too high to reach the rock without aid of some sort of kayak or large burly man to carry you.


Seagulls walking along the beach.

Fetch and resting with the squirrel until someone throws it again.

It's all very tiring yet satisfying work, as I'm sure you can imagine. However, there are risks. Getting to this tree stump was far easier than getting away.

There was no water near that thing when he climbed up. We weren't sure if he'd make it home or if we'd just have to leave him there.
He planned, though, since he had the car keys, we decided to wait out the flood.


I love your beach photos so don't worry about me. I am too far inland to hit the beach. Plus the beach in Maryland is boring.

Looking at the beach is a refreshing change of pace from the record setting snow in New York.

Also, I just loved your double-knitting glove fingers technique on Knitty Gritty today!!

I never tire of seeing the happy little Panda at play. I think you should use the shot of her resting with the squirrel as your screen-saver. The beach isn't that shabby, either. xox, J

I love your beach pics. You are aware, though, that one whole side of Oregon is covered with beaches? You don't have to go to the same one all the time -- they're ALL publicly owned... :-)

Yay, how fun!! Funny- B and I were watching a travel show on Discovery of one of those channels, and we came in when they were at this beach, and I thought, "I know this beach..." As we continued to watch and learned where it was, I realized where I had recognized it from. I said, "Marnie's been there!" Ha!

Oh yeah, love the beach photos! Makes me want to get to the coast with the Jaspermonster. :)

i love seeing your shots of cannon beach. it was the first time i'd ever been to the pacific ocean that i went there. and waded. in october. yes, i'm mad, why do you ask? and that one shot was the exact one i saw when i first stepped foot on that beach

Ahhhhh!! you are killing me! those are some great photos and I am so jealous. Will you adopt me, I'll knit for my rent.

I could never get tired of Cannon Beach! Thanks for sharing:)

Marnie, I gotta tell ya, I have never liked dogs much. There have been a very few special exceptions, and Panda is currently at the top of that list.
I truely love your dog and I think I may even be converted, because I am starting to want a Panda of my own.


That Leo, he's a smart one! If one is to venture off into the unknown, one should always have the car keys. A word to the wise though: car keys should be in a zippered pocket in case unexpected swimming or falling is involved. Otherwise, one is no longer allowed to take the keys onto outcroppings above water.

Living so far from the beach, I never tire of seeing your wonderful photos!

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