5 Weird things about me


Patty has tagged me for the 5 Weird Things meme, going around.

The rules are:

  • Someone Tags you

  • You post 5 things about yourself that you haven't already mentioned on your blog

  • You tag 5 people about whom you'd like to know more I open the meme to all of you who are interested in playing. Consider yourself tagged.

Here's the thing, I feel like I pretty much tell you guys everything I'd be comfortable telling you. It's always good to keep a little mystery in the relationship, right? So I figured, if I think I've revealed all my weird, maybe there are things I just haven't noticed are weird about myself. So I asked Leo and my mom to come up with some things they think are weird about me. I've weeded out things I've mentioned here before. I know it's supposed to be 5 things, but since I got these from two different people, I'm rounding up to 6 total, 3 from each.


  • I like my chocolate frozen. Well, if not frozen, definitely refrigerated. While I'm aware that all chocolate authorities, insist that chocolate, like cheese and red wine, should be served at room temperature, I find it highly distasteful to have my chocolate melting on my fingers. I refrigerate most of my chocolate and freeze certain varieties. Oh and I prefer dark, thanks for asking.

  • Leo's never seen me wear a mini skirt.
  • I think I've mentioned that I'm not really a skirt person, though I own a few, but it's true, the only ones I have are at least knee length.
  • I have more gray hair than Leo does, despite the fact that he's 9 years older.
  • I started finding gray hairs in my late teens and I've been getting more salt and less pepper, since then. It hasn't really started bothering me yet. What can I say?


  • Was a "polar bear" (i.e, dove into the cold morning water) at summer
    camp but now puts on her woolies when the temps drop to 60.
    Actually, I bundle up right around 70 degrees. What's your point?

  • First word was "mine!" yet grew up to be very generous. I was obviously referring to chocolate, about which I've never been generous.

  • Looks delicate and fragile but can lift large pieces of furniture. Hmm, well, I'm not sure if the current state of my caboose could be described as "delicate" but I've always been able to hold my own when it comes time to lug boxes into moving vans.


I adore all six of them! But I don't think cold chocolate is odd at all.

honey, your caboose is FINE. don't worry about it, lol.

and i do like some chocolate icy cold as well. a fine belgian milk chocolate comes to mind. i have to agree with the mavens about dark chocolate, though. better warm. then you get the subltle hints & richness. i've got a dark chocolate that takes more than my icy little mitts to melt it. and it's belgian too, lol

The "mine!" is what got me. My first word was "wanna!" We are obviously soulmates from the womb.

Gotta love anyone who prefers dark chocolate and has a very cute dog!

The first word thing cracked me up. Apparently my first word was "pretty", when shown the Christmas tree. I'm still distracted by pretty baubles, which might explain my stash of pretty yarns.... bought one skein at a time!

Wait, what's weird about freezing chocolate?? Funny about the lifting heavy boxes. I'm the same way. I also pride myself in being able to open even the tightest of sealed jars and bottles. "No, I can do it myself!" ;)

I agree with you on the chocolate. I didn't even know it was supposed to be served room temp. The best is frozen GS thin mint cookies!

I gotta say, I'm with Leo on the chocolate issue - frozen? Why? I'm constantly finding chocolate in the freezer - Jacob loves it frozen! We have chocolate temperature battles here... I take the Toblerone out and put it in the pantry (with the snacks, where it clearly belongs); later that day, I find it in the freezer...

I do like my Thin Mints frozen, though. ;-)

Mmmm chocolate should always be cold! I wouldn't worry about the caboose, yours is tiny;)

So, I think Leo's second one was a hint...don't you? ;)

Those are good weird things...maybe I'll post a few.

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