Pickled ginger


I finished spinning up my peach colored fiber and the result reminds me of the pickled ginger served with sushi.

I'm simply unable to get a picture that really shows the depth of the color and the subtle sheen the viscose gives it.

It's not quite as pink as the picture above and not quite as yellow as the picture below. It's somewhere in between.

About the Yarn
Fiber: Merino/Viscose blend
From: Chameleon Colorworks
Colorway: Unnamed
WPI: About 28
Ply: 2-ply
Yardage: About 475

This batch isn't as evenly spun as I usually get but I think it will still knit up well enough. The color is absolutely delicious and very subtly variegated. I love how the viscose ads an almost iridescent quality. Despite being a bit over spun in spots, it's still quite soft to the touch.


ooooooooo, pretty yarn! i likee! i've got some superwash/tencel that i need to finish spinning, that has a lovely sheen to it. it's next up in the queue, lol. i got roving for the boys, so i've been alternating between spinning theirs, and mine, lol.

i made your dragon sweater, but i altered it a bit. go see! and i used caron simply soft brites to make it. i crocheted the ridge onto the back, and added a tail at the end, plus i crocheted on the ears, and skipped the spots (i did this for charity, and it was driving me buggy by then, lol)

It's gorgeous. I knit all weekend, which was wonderful, but I need to get in some quality time with the Rose.

Sp pretty- and perfectly named! I'm hungry for sushi all of a sudden...hmmm...

beautiful spinning ~ and that's a nice amount of yarn, great yardage. any thoughts on what to do with it?

btw, saw you on knittygritty this morning! i was watching tv with my dad while eating breakfast and all of a sudden, there you were ;) great show, marnie, go you!

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