Getting a little work done


No, I didn't augment my T&A (heaven knows the "A" doesn't need any help), no I got a little work done on my tattoo.

Some of you might remember that Leo got a tattoo recently. Well, my little tattoo was several years old and in need of a 30000 mile tune up, so we headed back to Lady Luck for a fun filled night of needles and blood.

I've always liked my little tattoo, which I designed to be something with absolutely no emotional, symbolic or in any way special meaning to me. Thinking back to what was meaningful to me at, say, 15, I'm certainly glad I didn't put Edgar Allen Poe or The Vampire Lestat on my body. What's important to me now may have little meaning to me in another 15 years. So to be sure I'd not suffer "buyer's remorse" in the ensuing year, I decided on something I thought would be pretty, and placed it in a spot that I didn't have to look at every day. The combo of the two has held up well for me so far. A little fresh coat of paint ups the joy even more.

The artist who worked on both Leo's and my tattoo is Jea'nine.

She reworked my tattoo for over an hour.

Did I mention I didn't need any augmentation in the "A" department?

When the work was done, and the entire staff had popped by to look at my tush finished tattoo, the results were more beautiful than I could have hoped.

She cleaned up all the fuzziness and really emphasized the gradation in the wings. It was even better than I could have hoped. I'm sure in time, it will fade a bit and soften, but at least I know I always have a reliable place to go to get her back to her former beauty. I love it.

She bandaged me up and sent me home with my care instructions. Luckily, I never sleep on my back so it was a restful evening.

The next morning I had a little rinse and a touch of A&D Lotion, and one more photo shoot, slightly less bloodied and red.

So if you are in the Portland area and looking to get inked or pierced, I can recommend Lady Luck highly. I've already started some sketches for what I'd like to do next.


She did a really beautiful job on that.

Sweet. You've got the right idea for tattoos. The only reason I've hesitated to get one is that I'm not sure I could find a design that I'd still be happy with years from now.

That really is beautiful!

oh wow love it. I got my tat in the same place and it's the eye or ra, i always wanted to be a archeologist.. I like it but i don't think i would want more.

That looks amazing Marnie! She did a fabulous job touching it up. The colors are so vibrant!

I have a tattoo in the same spot that I got back in Maine and plans to seriously expand on it. Now if only the money didn't have to be spent on less frivolous things. A friend of mine has some beautiful work by a different shop in Portland. Glad you're happy, it looks beautiful!

Oh! She is lovely! My DH specializes in reworking old tattoos and those of old boyfriends' names... And *what* "A"?

Oh yeah, and in my 10 year professional experience, you can have ONE tattoo, but never TWO. If you get two, there WILL be more....

Pretty! And I watched your 'old' epi of Knitty Gritty today, and I have to say you have the best posture of anyone in the history of the world.

Just sayin! :)

Oh, very nice tattoo! It almost makes me want a tattoo. Wow, can you imagine if you had the vampire Lestat on you. If I got a tattoo, it would probably be a spindle. My life has been intertwined with fiber arts since I was born and I don't think I would ever be sorry about a spindle. But then, I like your dragonfly quite a bit, so maybe something pretty is better.

Nice job she did!

She really did a great job - you are right about it bringing out the shading. You do look very comfortable in the first photo!

Love your blog.

You are GORGEOUS !!!!!!


Wow! She does do nice work. Soon you'll have a bloomin' butt! So did you like the gothy stuff as a kid?

Wow, it looks really good! I've had mine for 10 yrs & it probably needs a tune up too. You've given me something to think about in the next few weeks;)

Ooh, it really looks lovely. the artist did a really wonderful job, she certainly seems trustworthy to go to for more work.
If you've got it, falunt it - and getting the leaf design will certainly help falunt it!

I'm so jealous. The Man would not be happy if I did that. However, since I have my eyeliner, eyebrows and lips already done (oh the pain), I think I'm on my way to getting something fun like that. Haha...

Wow! That's seriously lovely. I think it's time for another tattoo for myself. The problem being that this one will be visible. HIGHLY visible (on the inside of my wrist) and terribly elaborate.... Gotta save up for it and get the nerve up to let everyone know I HAVE a tattoo (my family still doesn't know that I have the first one).

Wow, the touchup turned out so beautiful.

Wow, the touchup turned out so beautiful.

Wow, it looks amazing! I also have one tattoo. The same colors but it's a butterfly and it's on the flip side from yours. And girl, you have such a teensy cute bottom, you don't know from "A"!

Wow! Nice touch up! How long ago had you gotten it originally?
I chuckle; you say you've been sketching- but that is a loverly picture with computer graphics! I'd like to know how to 'sketch' like that! Congratulations on your lovely dragonfly.

wow, that came out so nicely! your artist did a great job. the colors are beautiful.

Saw your Wyvern socks in the 2007 Knitting Calendar ... congratulations!

Saw your Wyvern socks in the 2007 Knitting Calendar! Congratulations!

That is gorgeous! She did such a fantastic job. I love the wings, but is it weird of me to love the little body more because it's so defined and clear? hah. great tattoo

I love the graded coloring she did on the wings - it really pops out now.

Very nice, Marnie! I was going to raise a quibble about there being no antennae, but then I realized that dragonflies have very short little stubby ones that you can hardly see. oops!

Love the update - luscious colors. I don't have a tat, but if I did, I'd want it to look like yours.

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