I'm sitting in Portland International Airport, enjoying their free (FREE!) WiFi while I await my flight down to John Wayne Airport for a quick business trip. My flight is a little delayed today. Why?

Snow-ish stuff.

And since I'm just now starting to acclimate to Portland weather, I'll spend almost all of the next two weeks in California and get my resistance to cold back down to nil. Yay!

Knitting on unbloggables continues in earnest, but I've spent a little time with El Matchador, here and there.

Candy pink Polwarth from Lynn. I spun the singles up lacy fine and created a 3-ply using the Navajo plying method.

Would you like to see it closer?

I knew you would.

But I won't be seeing much of El Matchador these next couple of weeks. I think I can live with that. But there are two things I'll miss bunches and I have a picture of one of them right here.

Three guesses what the other is...first two don't count. Well, time to check my flight status. Jet setting is soooooo glamorous.


So Cal? I would love to meet up, if time allows! Let me know...

Weather! It's rainy in the SoCal/John Wayne Airport area (close to my work) this morning, but not too bad. Safe trip!

This pretty much answers my "are you here yet?" question. Give me a call (at home or cell) when you get some down time. I'm working a la casa today so that the beast doesn't have to spend too much time crated.

You just have to believe me when I say snow at Thanksgiving time is not normal in Oregon. Snow at Christmas isn't even normal. Maybe a couple days in January, but rarely over a few inches.

I was in Oregon 4 years before I went back to CA. In July. 112 degrees. I stayed in the house for 2 weeks...couldn't take it anymore.

Oh, I can see how the adorable Panda would be hard to leave!

Just when I move away, you come back into my hometown. Well, here in Denver we have a forcast of snow for the next two maybe three days. I actually can't wait! Have fun at home. (I miss it already...)

Missy says Hi to Panda and wishes she was young again. (sad face)

Even more weird than snow in Portland around Thanksgiving is the wee bit of snow we got here in Eugene today. This is only the third time I've seen snow here in 2.5 years. We're slated to get some more overnight. We'll see.

Have a great trip. At least it's not an Idia thing;) Your handspun is gorgeous!

Wow - I am impressed by the polwarth you spun up! (I admit to forgetting all about it, too 8-) It looks fab, and laceweight navajo-plied? You have gone ahead in leaps and bounds with your spinning.

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