Question to my Portland neighbors


To all of you who left me sweet comments about our Sunday trip, thanks. I have been absolutely swamped with work and emails sit read, appreciated and unanswered.

That said, I'm going to ask you all a favor.
It's getting to be about that time when Panda will need a check up. Can anyone recommend a really great Portland vet? We loved the guy we had back in LA, but it's a bit far to drive now.

And if you are in the West Side or Chatsworth areas of LA and need the name of one of two great vets, I got you covered. Just pop me a comment.


Rose City Vet at 6th & Powell on the east side is a great place. My friend who has a dog recommended it for me. I've been very happy with their services.

Jeff Judkins
Hawthorne Vet at 23rd and SE Hawthorne.
He is first class.
Tell him the little black Chihuahua (Django) and the orange tabby (Hobbes) sent you.

I have a friend who lives in Portland and she recommends "Powell Blvd Clinic for general stuff and for specialty or emergency: Northwest Vet Specialty Services in
Good luck with the search.

I liked Ingrid Hamann at Hawthorne. She was informative, personable, and willing to answer questions without making you feel like you were stupid or wasting time. Unlike Judkins. Horrible "bed side manner" and not informative about options, symptoms, etc. Had me switch to raw diet without telling me bad side effects to watch for. After $300 in vet bills and 6 weeks of force feeding my cat baby food, she finally started eating again. Took a year for her to regain full kidney function. Likewise, he treated what is commonly known in the vet world as a pre-cursor to cancer as a yeast infection. Had to put that cat to sleep in September. I'm 100% for use of holistic medicine but there are times when it just can't do the job. Judkins doesn't seem to understand this.

NW Vet Specialty Services is great in emergencies -- the "emergency hospital" I took my dog to said they didn't expect him to ever walk again after I came home and found him laying on the porch with a ruptured disk. I was actually considering putting him to sleep. I asked for a second opinion and they referred me to NWVSS, who told me he'd walk (with lots of PT and a little luck). We got both the PT and the luck and now he walks. Thanks, too, to Dr. Bianca Shaw, the most amazing pet physical therapist in the world, at Back on Track Vet Rehab.

My Vet now is Ross Weinstein, an amazing guy. He's at North Portland Veterinary Hospital, which is equipped to handle regular visits and emergencies.

You learn the quality of your vet when you have to go through the process of watching a pet die. Dr. Weinstein is top rate and so are NPVH's vet techs. He outlined all my options and did everything possible to make my cat's final months the best they could be while also encouraging me to regularly assess Wooster's quality of life. He was professional, he returns my phone calls, he's gentle with my pets, and he knows his stuff. He explains things well and has a great "bed-side manner".

I know you didn't ask for a novel, but I wanted to be specific about WHY I thought they were good/not good. Hope this is helpful.

Sorry, dear. I'm no help. But I can recommend a good bording place in Milwaukee when you're ready.

We've been taking Pretzel to Cornell Center Animal Hospital (right at the Cornell/Hwy26/158thAve. area--want a better visual? It's near the Krispy Kreme.) for ten years now and really like it. We usually see Dr. Greg Stanchfield, but we've seen Dr. Susan Nolte a few times, too. I like both of them--Dr. Nolte a little more. Here's their website. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

We take the kids to Steve Haley at Parkway Veterinary Hospital in Lake Oswego. Gregg Takashima is also very good.

We take the kids to Steve Haley at Parkway Veterinary Hospital in Lake Oswego. Gregg Takashima is also very good.

We take our cat to the Fremont Veterinary Clinic (Fremont & 53rd or so, NE PDX). They seem pretty competent but she's never been really sick. Just getting her shots and teeth cleaned all that fun stuff, and the fun occasional bout with allergies.

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