Is that like "I" as in "Eyeliner"?


Well, my mom has hurt her back and won't be able to make it to our yarn crawl in San Francisco. I hope you will all send healthy happy back thoughts her way because anyone who has thrown out their back knows that this is absolutely no fun at all. Luckily, I know my mom will be back on the west coast as soon as she's in full working order again. This is not a trip for which any arm twisting is necessary so I'm just glad she's taking care of herself and resting up.

I'm scrambling now to get all the various details worked out and may stay in OC for an additional day. If this is anything like my scramble to switch hotels on Monday, it should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Having called the travel site's help line, I had the distinct pleasure of being transfered 4 times to a total of 5 reps, and on each occasion I was asked to repeat my 16 digit locater number, consisting of a random assortment of letters and numbers.

Having subsisted on a bag of airline pretzels and some decaf tea over the course of my 12 hour day, I was perhaps lacking in my usual charm. On round three I ran through my locater number twice, trying to communicate it clearly. As my rep repeated it back to me, she ran through the familiar "That's 'A' like 'apple', 'R' like 'Robert'" and on it went, When she got to "'Y' like 'Wyoming'" I actually didn't know how to answer. She was not American, so there was always the risk that she was confusing her letters, since, surely their company supports a fair number of customers in Wyoming, but I trusted that the logic, while perhaps a little faulty, was probably on track. An hour later, I was unpacked and in my room.

And while I'm nitpicking other people's use of the English language, might I show you this gem of fragmented sentence fabulocity?

It reads, "La Quinta. Spanish for 'Got you covered."
Why do we have a period instead of a comma after "La Quinta"? Maybe a lack of sleep makes me overly persnickety.

It's all fine, though, because I had a huge, delicious sushi dinner with my brother last night.

In my world, there's no such thing as too much spicy tuna.


I think this all means that you've had too much work travel lately and you need to go home to your puppy and your man!

Sushi!! That spread would make me feel better too- Yum! So sorry about your mom's back, though- I will definitely be sending good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery!

Gee, and I always thought that La Quinta was Spanish for "conveniently located next to Denny's".

Mmm, does THAT look tasty. You picked a good time to be in Cali, it's FRIGGIN COLD here in Portland. Down in the 20s last night. bleh.
I'm so sorry for your Mom, back injuries are the worst.

Wow - what is that roll on the right?

You have given me the worst sushi craving ever, and I'm landlocked!

I hope your mom feels better soon.

*sigh* I lived on the coast long enough to miss good sushi. I had mediocre stuff last week and it cost me $30.

Good back vibes coming Mom's way!

Amen on the spicy tuna. J'adore!

Hope your Mom feels better--back problems always suck. As for the "La Quinta" thing, those commercials always bother me. I'm always like, "but what does 'La Quinta' actually MEAN?"

Oh man, now I am so hungry!

Oh, spicy tuna is one of my favorites. Healthy back thoughts on the way to your mom.

sounds like you were extremely patient. i hate outsourced places that use overseas people who do not have a good handle on the english language. to me, it's like asking a fry cook to make a chocolate gateau. (foodie, here, lol)

speaking of food, that sushi looked tasty! my son and i had sushi for the first time about 2 months ago, and i thought it was tasty! we didn't go to a restaurant, though, we went to the local hyvee, and got it there. not bad at all. i'm looking forward to trying it in a restaurant, though. i think we will do that during christmas break.

or even a hyphen would be better, no?

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