The UPS man cometh


I checked my tracking number yesterday, knowing that the wheel was scheduled to be delivered that day. Google Maps, the bloody liar that it is, told me that package was 11 minutes away. Ok, it's not Google Maps's fault, but having checked the site at 6AM, by 5PM, I was starting to lose hope. What if they delivered it to someone else's house? What if the UPS truck went off the edge of a cliff? What if, what if?

So I decided to take a shower and midway through, the doorbell rings. It takes all my self control not to run to the door, hair lathered, naked as the day I was born, and greet the UPS man. Luckily, Leo was home, dressed and not otherwise indisposed and he was able to get the door.

While I got myself rinsed off and dressed, he did what any good fiber lover lover would do and he started to get the box open for me. Check this baby out:

Whoever said that good things come in little packages never had a Schacht coming their way.

Inside, was my wheel, in great condition and looking beautiful.

After about 15 minutes on the Schacht website, I had him going. I used a little bit of motor oil that Leo had, and tied some Rowan Cotton Glace on for a drive band (I know it's not ideal, but it got the job done). For the next 3 hours I spun spun spun spun. The only whorl I received was a slow whorl and I like to spin very fine with very slippery yarns, so this will have to change. Adjusting to this took a little bit of time. The results (though poorly lit) aren't as bad as I feared.

I have no idea what the fiber is. I got it from Greenwich Yarns and have always found it very spinable on the spindle, but it's even more so on the wheel.

Despite the slow whorl, I think I still managed to overspin the singles, but who cares, at this point I'm just enjoying the sound and feel of spinning. I am itching to do it right now, but will have to wait until my lunch break.

I probably have enough of this fiber to, more or less, fill this bobbin. This means I can andean ply the yarn or ply it with another fiber. I'm thinking I may do the latter, so that I can use my new lazy kate. Woohoo!


Yay spinning wheel! And your singles look fine. :)

good luck keeping your work-at-home schedule with that baby in the house!

Wow! It's beautiful!

gorgeous! what a beautiful wheel, marnie ~ eek, congrats ;)

Beautiful!! Congratulations--you two are obviously going to be very happy together.

Lovely new wheel!

Is it just me or does Panda have a look on her face that says, "Mom, I didn't do it."

I am despratly awaiting my joy to arrive.. any days now.. it's in TN as of noon today and Im in GA :)

hrm i think my browser ate my comment. I am waiting on an Ashford Joy to arrive, it's in TN as of noon today and I am in GA. I CANT WAIT!

Congratulations! (I'm kelly green with envy :-) You're going to spin lots of gorgeous yarns with that wheel!

Congratulations! (I'm kelly green with envy :-) You're going to spin lots of gorgeous yarns with that wheel!

Whee! Congratulations. Now you can spin that full pound of green Corriedale in no time at all!

CONGRATULATIONS! Don't cha love it! I have the same one but the double treadle. You will LOVE IT!


Congrats! Very impressive!!

Congratulations on your new baby [drool] - She's beautiful. You are going to be a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d.!!!!

there's nothing like a new wheel - enjoy your new style of spinning! do you think the spindle will start gathering dust soon ;)

there's nothing like a new wheel - enjoy your new style of spinning! do you think the spindle will start gathering dust soon ;)

Hey, welcome to the Matchless club!! You will love it!

(oh, and for the best prices on bobbins and whorls check out I haven't found them cheaper anywhere else!)

Yay! El Matchador looks awesome. You are gonna be a spinning fool!

I'm actually a little scared for you. That wheel is lovely, and what a great housewarming present to yourself!

Remember that even us fair-skinned types do need a little sunlight! ;-)

Oh my, you're starting with the best. The wheel looks really lovely and I remember you are a natural at the Schacht. Remember when you came to my house and spun on my wheel? That was a Matchless too! YAY for you!

It's here, it's here!

I remember watching the UPS tracker like a hawk when I was waiting to receive a wheel...


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