Everybody Wang Chung Tonight


Let me start by saying, if you have any regard for me as a mature woman of a refined wit, even after this post, then you:

  1. Don't know me very well.

  2. May work with me.

  3. Probably should just disregard the rest of this post

But for the rest of you, check out the post, after the bump.

So in my post about Babe, I marveled at the anatomical correctness of the monument. Though there was certainly some abstraction, we all knew what we were looking at. But Miriam mentioned that there was a 10 story high banner in Utah commemorating a previous winter olympics which put Babe to shame.

I asked (or maybe begged) her to get me pictures after she mentioned that she wouldn't quite feel right about posting them on her site. I said I'd feel no such reservation and would be happy to credit her as the photographer (I'm not sure if that was actually a selling point or not). And here are the fruits of her labor.

*Ahem!* My at that scale, there certainly isn't much for the imagination. Go ahead and clicky if it's not clear what I'm referring to. If you are going to be in Utah, you can find him in downtown Salt Lake City, right by the Gallivan Plaza Trax stop.

Now, I'm no photo retouching expert, but for a city that makes it darn near impossible to buy a beer, you'd think they'd consider a airbrushing on that one. Here's what I did with 5 minutes and some Photoshop.


hehe. After seeing the airbrushed version I think maybe the model guy refused to let them airbrush as it makes him look like a Ken doll ;)

Um, I know he's supposed to look athletic and all, but why is he wearing that skintight jumpsuit in the first place?? Maybe he's some famous athlete that I don't recognize....

What?! You took it away? You should have photoshopped a wadded-up pair of socks or a zucchini wrapped in tin foil in there. Help a brother out!

It's a speedskater. They wear those tight outfits, you know, aerodynamics and all that... emphasizes a lot of things, good and bad! I just can't get over the bad cropping.

Marnie, my friend, you are hilarious.

Maybe going without caffeine and alcohol makes women (and some of the guys, of course) pine for 10-story tall men.

Haha, Marnie got all up-close and personal with the dude's doo-dads. heehee.

The airbrushed pic is disturbing - it really does look like a Ken doll.

Never let it be said that you don't know how to make use of your time.

Very classy. I think it was Stitchy McYarnpants, but perhaps it was the Manolo, who pointed out that men do get camel toe. How unfortunate.

I was gonna say "At least it isn't a camel toe" but Julia kinda squashed that one. :)

These are the types of distractions I welcome any day!

I hate to say it, but that skin tight outfit isn't doing him any favours. Men who are well hung DON'T get camel toe like that dude's got.

That said, size ain't everything.

Me, I'm surprised you photoshopped stuff OUT. I would have hoped you photoshopped stuff in... ;-)))

You'd think they would have noticed that before they hung it up...

As much as guys in sweatpants turn me off because of the bumps below the waistband (plus, any guy in sweats during daylight hours looks like he's given up), I am fond of gazing at slim athletes in spandex... :b

Someone HAD to notice that when it came off the press! How could you not!! I agree that the photoshopped bit is a little Ken-like!

Heehee! Maybe he insisted they leave it in as part of the contract.

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