Sometimes it takes someone visiting from out of state to get you out into your own neighborhood


After seeing MK Carroll's Knitty Gritty episode, I popped off a little comment to her and we started conversing. Turns out, she was going to be in my area, right about...well…now. So she invited me to a local Knitting Guild which offers two free visits for non-members. I went last night and had a great time. I met some lovely people, MK included, who made me feel incredibly welcome to my new town and who didn't act the least bit put off by my rather clumsy conversation and non sequiturs.

First, there was Amanda, who kindly welcomed me to her table when I showed up late and popped down in a corner. She was gracious enough to forgive me when I, in my infinite social nervousness, didn't recognize her name. Sorry! She just happened to be sitting next to MK and then introduced me to the rest of the table; Katrina, Chrissy and Donna one other woman whose name has escaped me but who should not take that as any reflection of my opinion of her. I'm still trying to find someone in Portland who is mean, but I'm not having any luck. To paraphrase Leo, who is paraphrasing someone else, "If you can't find the jerk in the group, chances are, it's you." I'm kidding of course, no need to fill my comments with reassurances.

Since I didn't take any pictures while there, I'll have to leave you with some Panda goodness instead.

Here's my little girl all curled up and sleeping on the couch, one chilly morning this week.

When she hangs out by the computer, Leo calls her our little firewall.

And here she is, realizing that she can see Leo on the other side of the window. He's taunting her and she's barking.

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with "L."


I think it's the fiber crowd that's light on the jerks. We're all so gung-ho for fiber-y things that there's no time for jerkness. That's my overly optimistic viewpoint for the night anyway.

Panda pictures are always full of goodness. She looks like she would keep the spam away from your computer if she could!

I know of a jerk or two in Portland, so they exist. Now that you know, there's no need for you to watch for them, k? Afterall, who wants to actually meet the jerk? ;-)

It was so nice to meet you at the Guild meeting. I hope you'll come to more!

I'm so glad that you're making Oregon friends. See? All you had to do was pick someone. Just remember who your best LA friends are. We'll be toasting you over our spinning, machine knitting and sewing this weekend.

Panda is adorable, as always. M and I were in bed snuggling with Caia this morning and I reminisced about you and Caia sacked out in the guest room. We miss you!

how nice to start making friends. something tells me you will find many fiber folk up there in woodsy world.

It was so great to meet you (even though I didn't really get much of a chance to chat w/ you)! Portland really is filled with awesome people and it truly is a knitter's paradise. We're really glad to add you to the mix! I will have the pic I took of the group up on my blog sometime this afternoon (I hope!). Cheers!

It wasn't the best program we've ever had, but it was fun to chat with everyone--and who can turn down 2 hours of uninterrupted (by children & husbands) knitting time? :)

It was fantastic to meet you and I enjoyed getting to chat with you, albeit briefly - glad we got a chance to meet up while I'm here!

Sounds like you're home.

We bark at Jasper through the bedroom window when he's outside. Some day he's going to come right through the screen. (Our window is lower than yours!)

Awwwww - Panda looks so snuggly!

Aagh! SO cute! Glad you're making new friends in Portland - knew you would!

ionolsen16 I just don not have anything to say right now.www_4_2

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