Purple is the color of my true love's roving


Every time I pull a new skein of wheel spun off my niddy noddy, I'm inspired anew to crack open my stash of roving and see how the next fiber will work up. This time, I pulled out my supply of Red Maple Merino, one of the Almost Solid Series fibers that Amy offers. It took me a few yards before I really started to get the feel for the merino. It's a more challenging fiber for me to control than some of the others I've spun lately, but I think the practice paid off. This stuff is sproingy, soft and airy. I'm spinning it a little thick and not too tightly (I hope) in an attempt to maintain it's great innate qualities.

During my lunch break, I often eat a quick bite before sitting down to spin a bit. Monday was no exception. As I did so, Spongebob playing on the tube and Panda sitting beside me (try to top THAT for a lunch break), Leo stopped and watched me for a moment. I look up and our eyes meet. He smiles and says "Can I try?"

Well, short of offering to do all the housework forever onward, there are few things he could have said that would have filled me with more joy. So hurtling over pre-drafted yarn, a sleeping pup, and nearly crashing into the coffee table in my excitement, I ushered him over to El Matchador. We practiced starting up and maintaining the speed of the wheel with the treadle and then I reattached the unspun fiber to the yarn on the bobbin and held his hands while we drafted together. After a bit, I left him to try it on his own, offering advice when he asked.

Let’s be honest, though, I am probably not the person to be teaching anyone to wheel spin right now. After a few minutes, Leo gave up in frustration. I removed his yarn from the bobbin and piled it carefully next to El Matchador and started back to my own spinning.

Later, he picks the small pile of yarn up off the table and begins to straighten it out and untwisting it. "How will you salvage this?" He asks innocently.

"I don't plan to salvage it, I love it," I say as I snatch it from his hands before the fibers are completely set loose. "It's sentimental now."

He smiles and walks off and I go into the kitchen to do the dishes. And then he realizes the implications of what I've said. From behind me, I hear "You're going to BLOG about this aren't you?"

I don't meet his gaze.

"I won't if you don't want me to."


He kisses my neck, gives me a little hug and says, “go ahead.”

He's a keeper.


That is the BEST story!! I feel warm and fuzzy just reading it!

Wow- he is a keeper! He tried the spinning wheel AND let you blog it? Leo rocks!!!

HA! So cute. I love it!!

I've been waiting to see Leospun all day. It looks suspiciously like the first Juliaspun did, so there's hope yet! It will be a cold day in hell before Moxie spins, and even if he did I think he'd do it secretly. He wouldn't want to give me the satisfaction of knowing that he was interested!

By the way, that is a big bobbin you have there. No wonder he's called Matchless!

Yeah he is!

You're no slouch either. You tried to teach him to spin, and you let him use purple roving to practice with! Now that's love.

awe!!!! thats soo sweet

he made a little tiny monster yarn!!!

I LOVE it! And I really love that he asked to try it. What a guy. :)

What a great story. He's definately a keeper!

Such prettiness.
I think I've got to get myself a wheel.
Tadpole is slowly getting bigger. She'll fit into that cutie sweater one of these days!

Oh honey... long years ago, my First True Love wanted to learn to crochet a little. He made a tiny little piece and ran out of interest.

30+ years later, that little bit of crochet still sits in a music box he gave me. I don't keep many memory items, but I kept those. :)

I like spinning merino. Today I spun up 4 ounces of BFL and that was great. It's almost silky feeling while spinning, and then the resultant yarn was soft and floofy. Tomorrow I play with beads...Will you be at Flock and Fiber this weekend? Looks like I'll be there on Saturday.

You two make me jealous. :p

What a great story - you two are so dang cute.

I'm pretty sure Leo's spinning is 100x better than anything I could do - good job, Leo!

First, I had a very similar experience when I walked into my living room and B was holding some knitting needles and yarn and said - so how exactly do I do this? I went sprinting to the couch, tripping over the doggie on the way. Still makes me smile to thing about it.
Second, I LOVE the title of your post - its namesake is one of the best songs in the world.

OH MY!! A keeper indeed!! Absolutely gorgeous purple love!!

What a great guy... That is such a great story.

Awww, I'm glad you and he shared with us. Feelin' the love :)

ah, true love. so sweet. i can see how a guy might like to spin what with the mechanics of a wheel and all. i was pretty excited when johnny came to a knitting class and worked very hard at making a hat. he did it for me and it meant a lot. though, he never knit again.

Simply put:
Leo Rocks.


He is a keeper:) That is a very sweet story.

Awwww. Now THAT'S spinning a love story.

We loves Leo. :-)

It was great meeting you last night at guild. It looks like I'm going to be at Flock & Fiber on Sunday instead of Saturday. Chrissy signed us up to work the knitting guild booth in the morning and I can't get The Hubby to agree to both days--go figure! *grin* If you see any great spindles, let me know so I can be on the lookout! :)

You two are so great together (& Panda makes three!)

Awwww....that's precious hand spun. You should frame it :-)

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