Great, now I have even more to miss


Well, it looks like I'm headed back to India for a couple weeks, starting on Wednesday or Thursday. So now, I will be away from Leo and Panda, my two little rays of sunshine AND El Matchador, my new constant companion (is it just me or does "constant companion" sound like a personal hygiene product?). I expect this trip to be much more intensive and less fun all around, but I still hope to make the best of it. I'm a touch nervous about going without anyone I know and as the sole representative for my company. But let's not talk about work, let's talk about freshly spun yarn.

The Red Maple roving worked up quickly at a nice thick and thin, mostly worsted weight yarn, once plied. Do you want to see something amazing? Here are the two bobbins after I finished plying them.

Please excuse the lighting, it was evening when I did the plying.

I had all of maybe 12-18 inches of singles on one bobbin when the other emptied. There was no planning, no trying, just magic. *sigh* It'll never happen again.

I thought the red purple would look nice against the cement of the back patio.

It's a thick and lofty yarn, with out too much spin, and the results are every bit as squoochy and sproingly as you'd want it to be. I already have plans for some of this.

Panda gives it a due air of elegance.

After the merino, I pulled out some more roving dyed by Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks (alas, still no website) that I bought from Carolina Homespun. The colorway is "Purple Haze" and it's a heavenly mix of purples and steel grays. The blend is Merino/Bombyx and I had 2 ounces worth.

I spun it up pretty finely because I wanted to try to use the Navajo Plying technique. For those who haven't tried it before, Navajo plying is a means of achieving a three ply yarn off a single bobbin by, in essence, working very long crochet chain stitches. It takes a touch of coordination, but with a little practice, it's actually quite fun. I started with some scrap yarn I had and got the motion down, before trying it with my new singles.

The results are nice; a nearly balanced 3 ply with lots of sheen and a soft hand.

There's a lot I'm going to miss while I'm away.

A lot indeed.

Went to OFFF today, will post about that soon.


omg great dog pic lol!!

That's a bummer that you have to be away for a couple of weeks! That's a hella long time for work stuff. And you do have a lot to miss. In that picture alone there's a cute boy, cute dog, yarn, wine, and what I think are yarn catalogs under the coffee table. ~sigh~

I'm a hopeless cat person because I never knew dogs sat on people, especially like that! Or is Panda a hopeless cat dog? How do you even leave the house with all that going on?

As gorgeous as your yarn and spinning are.....Panda just steals the
spotlight....sigh.... I love Panda.
As I've said before she shines with intelligence and humour.
Hopefully India will be less exciting now that the monsoon season is over.

ah, your 3ply is really lovely - and the cushiness of the worsted weight yarn is practically touchable through the screen. beautiful!

i'm jealous of your tensioned lazy kate - i need to get one one day soon. ;)

You have been a busy little bee! Look at you with the perfect singles to ply (no leftovers!), squooshy yarn (how did you do that?) and Navajo plying! My god woman! You are putting me to shame.

I had to spindle spin last night to get Kat and MH started and I just sucked! I actually dropped my Maggie twice! I need to re-learn my spindle-spinning. You're going to have to school me when you come to visit.

Hey Marnie,
Your spinning is GREAT! I'm loving seeing all of what you are doing since we are essentially doing the same things. I've got to slow down though, I think my right arm is not happy anymore. My knitting has gotten out of hand.

I keep trying to respond to the comments you leave me, but I keep getting a "mailer-demon", or whatever, message saying your email isn't valid. I promise I'm not avoiding you!

Missy says "hello" to Panda. She looks awfully comfortable there on Leo's lap.

Talk to you soon!

The yarn looks great! Hurry home! If it weren't for Panda, I would think that's a pic of my hubby. Our doggie although same breed, is different in color.

My yarn NEVER comes off bobbins like that! That's why I mostly ply from 2 ends of the same ball. (I'm lazy. :))

Give that dog a big kiss right between the eyes for me.

Hey, think positive! You'll just have to make time to buy some roving (perhaps silk?) while you're there.

OK, I read Julia's comment, and I beg to differ. She did *not* suck. If she did, I probably wouldn't have loved it so much I stayed up late thinking about spinning, right? Anyway.

Your yarn is just beautiful. The colors in the Navajo-plied yarn are so rich, and the sheen is scrumptious. I'm inspired!

Your yarn is truly lovely - and Panda looks elegant even while sprawled on Leo's lap!

you are going to india? may i ask where in india? and panda is sooo cute.. i can see why you will miss him .. and Leo too..
me will be going home(india) for christmas.. i cant wait.. have fun in india..

Hi Marnie,

FYI, Chasing Rainbow's site is offered through one of her retailers:

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