Last post before I leave


I'm in a bit of a fog with all I have to do before I leave tomorrow, so this post will be a bit haphazard. That said, let's get to it.

I stopped by OFFF on Sunday for just a little while. Leo and Panda drove down with me but when we found out dogs weren't allowed even to the outdoor sections, Leo and Panda went off to check out the town and I wandered the booths.

My first and favorite stop was Janel's of Chameleon Colorworks and Spindlicity.

Hey Julia, see that big bag on the left, that's all BFL, baby!"

More about what I got there, below.

I walked around all the other booths and showed surprising strength of will, even when passing the Wooly Winder stand. Mmmmm, Wooly Winder.

But what would a flock and fiber festival be without some flock?

I'm not crazy about livestock but I can't help but appreciate these guys.
I didn't take a ton of pictures of the festival, knowing they'd be a dime a dozen online. But let me tell you, there was much to be seen. I'll have my calendar marked for this event again next year.

After the festival, Leo, Panda and I were thirsty and ready to find some lunch. Leo spotted this place on his way back to pick me up.

It seemed serendipitous, I had to go in.
There was a bar and a restaurant and I went into the bar portion.

I enjoy a beer as much as the next person but Bud?

Lunch was every bit as spectacular as the decor. The "Coke" I ordered for Leo was a grocery store brand and the bags she packed our lunch in came from the 99¢ store. Now that is one classy establishment.
When I asked about the history, the bartender said it'd be around for many many years, and had gone through several incarnations. She didn't seem to know much more than that. When I told her there was a spinning festival going on down the road, she seemed politely half interested.

On the way home, I fondled my new rovings. 4 ounces each of 4 different colorways from Janel's booth.

Here, from left to right, Optim in colorway "Pearl," Merino/Viscose in colorway "Autumn" and a one-off colorway that I simply think of as "Peach" in the same Merino/Viscose blend.

Also, on the wheel and nearly completely spun up, some alpaca in colorway "Iris."

It's spun at a pretty fine weight and has a range of shades from nearly yellow green to blue to purple and all sorts of in-betweens.

I don't know about you, but when I spin these beautifully dyed colorways, there's always one color that makes a minor cameo amongst all the more dominant shades. Usually, it's a color that on its own, may not impress me, but mixed in with all the colors, it just sings. With this colorway, the shade is a soft dusty blue, more subtle than the dominant blue shade you see in the pictures. When I see that special blue coming up to my fingers, I always get a little excited. I felt the same way about the pink shade in my Autumn Spice roving. I hope to finish spinning and maybe even plying this fiber before I leave, but if not, I know I’ll be coming home to a relaxing treat.


Looks like you hit the jackpot of roving! I can not wait to see those spun! The Iris reminds me of cool spring, or something like that.I gotta start thinking about spinning. They just don't have many sheep festivals in So FL :(

I am laughing my FANNY OFF because you were in Canby and ate at the Spinning Wheel, which has been there since before Jesus was born. You went RURAL Clackamas County without a guide?! What were you thinking? Any of us former rural ClackCo types could have helped you out if only you had told us you were going. We would have advised the proper goat-roping gear and everything else needed to keep yourself safe. Next year, watch yourself yarn-girl, watch yourself ;-)

BTW: You do realize that's where Tonya Harding is from, right?

Look at those gorgeous rovings and that yarn! Loved seeing your Panda with the yarn necklace--does know about that one? Meantime, have a good and safe trip.

Looking good in firefox!

I am so jealous of you. I love Janel's rovings and have been wanting to score some leaf peepers for a while. I can't wait to see what my souvenir is.

I finally have an idea for knitting all my handspun. I am so excited!

Yum. I don't actually spin, but I love the sight of all of those braids of roving!

Janel's dyeing is pretty dangerous to my bank account.

teehee, my sister-in-law and family live in canby and we were just visiting. anyway, she drove me past the spinning wheel and being a bit unfamilair with outlying portland regions (we lived in the city, you know) i suggested we stop. after laughing hilariously she dropped some insider info about it having some pretty shady leanings ( she used to work for the sheriff office). i am sure you do not need to be told to avoid said spinning wheel from here on out.

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