Nice buns!


Hey, remember when I told you about plying my hair and throwing it in a bun? Well a couple of you asked for step by step instructions.

If you want to see how it's done, follow the instructions after the jump.

First you'll want to get your supplies together.

  • Brush and/or comb

  • One large elastic

  • Two smaller elastics that blend well with your hair

  • Bobby pins

  • You'll also need a means of viewing the back of your head, via a couple of mirrors

  • Optional: hairspray, mouse, gel or other product to tame hair

  • Also optional: Cute dog to "help"

Pull hair to be plied into a ponytail. I usually do this when my hair is wet as it gives a cleaner look, but you can simply apply some gel or mouse to prevent frizzies. If your hair is a bit shorter than mine, trying doing this with just the top half of your hair, making a mini-bun with the rest of your hair flowing freely.

Split your hair into two even sections, combing and smoothing it out as necessary.

Take one of those two sections and split it in two.
Twist both of those pieces in the same direction and then together in the opposite direction.
I like them very twisted, but this requires more length, so adapt to what works best with your hair.
Secure with a small elastic.

Repeat with the remaining chunk of hair, making sure that you end up with two matching twists of hair. Your (optional) dog may come by to inspect the work, at this point.

Now, over twist those sections by twisting them in the same direction they are already going and then twist them around each other in the opposite direction
Have pup inspect other side of work.
This is exactly what you did for the individual twists, just the opposite direction for everything.
Take out both small elastics and replace with a single small elastic around all the ends.

Now just start wrapping it into a bun.

If necessary, let your assistant know you appreciate her help. Tips in belly rub form are most appreciated.

Throw in a couple of bobby pins and you are good to go. I find that a bun like this will stand up to a rigorous workout or session of salsa dancing, without so much as a whimper. Adjust the number of pins to your activity level. I can get by with one or two strategically placed pins if I'm just going to a job interview, but if I were a mud wrestler, I'd probably opt for more.

Doing something more glamorous with your day? Grab a string of beads (faux pearls or something to match your outfit) and twist them into the individual sections. You'll get a beautiful effect with your final bun. Or, you can weave in silk flowers after the fact, there are lots of good little crevices for this.

If you are having trouble making a neat bun because your hair is layered and the ends come loose, throw a hair net over the whole thing. If kept at a single layer, the net will make it easier to pin everything in place, the bun will be neat, and it's barely perceptible if you buy the right color.


You know, a very similar process is used to make Flemish bowstrings... ;)

Archergal, bowstring and arrow maker

Very cool! I wish my hair had been capable of such tricks! Asian hair in general is superthick on the invidivual strand level - if you tied a knot in a lock, it would spontaneously undo itself! (At my wedding, I had my hair in a bun - the hairdresser used an unbelievable amount of product and an army of pins... It barely held together.)

Knitting advice. Cool patterns. Spinning inspiration. And now new hairstyles to try. All topped off with one of the most adorable dogs...what more could one ask for in a blog?

Cool tutorial.. thanks! I've got a wedding to go to this weekend and it will be super hot (outside.. in South Georgia) so I will definitely be trying this!

You are *such* a sweetheart. Thanks for this tutorial...I can't wait to try it!

I'm thinking for work Monday, for sure!

did I mention you rule?

Awwwww, whoooza good hairstylist? Who is it? Whooza good hairstylist? Panda! Gooooood stylist!

Oh! To have beautiful long hair like that!

P.S. The title of your entry made me chuckle.

I have very thick hair, and it used to be VERY long like yours. When I was in nursing school, the instructors insisted that all hair must be up and off the shoulders. That is NOT an easy task - most buns fall out of my hair. I came up with a twisted bun for my hair that is very similar to yours. It held with minimal pinning and stayed in ALL day during clinical. And, I got lots of comments about how nice it looked.

It looks so elegant! I will try it out and then keep those instruction on hand for when I need to put my hair up.

Thanks for sharing that Marnie!

Wish my hair was thick enough to do that. I have the length but not the thickness.

I am so missing my long hair right now.

Thanks for the great tutorial. I'll have to try that some time.

I dunno, I think the secret ingrediant might actually be the very cute doggie inspector. She is the real key to it all working.

I'm going to a graduation ball in september and have been looking for easy but elegant up do's for my hair. this one will be perfect! i'll just had some hair gems or flowers to it, and wear it slightly higher up on my head and it'll look great! thanks!

OMG I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE that style!!! I have been trying to get my long wild and crazy hair to go in a simple bun for AGES and this is just sooooooooooooooooooooooo Perfect! You are SUCH a sweetheart for sharing this with everyone, you would not believe how hard it is to find updo techinques with explanitory pictures on the net and this one was JUST perfect!!!

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