That's a-lotta sock in one skein


The socks have been my mindless diversion lately. They get knit on the bus or in waiting rooms, where the balls are tucked away in my knitting bag. Since I have a handy dandy cooking scale, I was able to divide the original skein of yarn evenly into two separate balls. After that, it was a matter of cutting of a couple grams of yarn on one ball to get them both started in the same spot (in this case, at the beginning of a brown stripe. The smaller of the two balls ends with a complete red stripe and a little bit of yellow, so it means I can have socks that have red toes, red heals and a red cuff. YAY.

What I hadn't noticed until recently, was how many repeats I actually had. I'm about to complete the second repeat, and it's already past my ankle, and then I have 2 more full repeats plus a couple stripes after that. That means my socks can be twice as long (from toe to cuff) as they are already.

I'm torn though. If the sock doesn't reach to my knee, and I'm not quite sure it will, will it just become a slouchy mess? Am I better off making a shorter sock?

I plan to do quite a bit of ribbing at the top of the sock (maybe 2-3 inches) but if it's mid-calf, I'm not sure that will help.

Anyone with sockspertise should feel free to chime in.


I'd go shorter. You don't want slouchy socks. MAYBE, there will be enough left over to make a third sock, for when you lose the left one to the laundry gods.

First, what sock yarn is that. I LOVE IT!
Second, I just posted about my socks which were too big and had a few suggestions..use more ribbing, smaller needles...

Hi Marnie! It was so nice to finally meet you today and look forward to getting together again soon. I loved Julia's Deciduous Cami and just ordered the pattern. I can't wait to make it! See you soon.

It sounds like your socks might stop right at the widest part of your calf. You could probably do some mega-ribbing to make them stay up, but maybe they would just feel kind of weird at that length? And it's probably not the most flattering place to end a sock.
Maybe you could find some sock yarn in a coordinating color and knit the top in that color -- OR, all along the leg you could work a stripe of the coordinating color between each stripe of the main color. However, that would be a pain and a lot of ends to weave in.

Really cute socks! I think the top will need some ribbing, and also like the ideas of "Persnickety Knitter" about what to do with the leftovers -- and what brand of yarn is that? Such great colors.

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