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I spent a good deal of my weekend working on some swatches for someone else's book, this weekend, so bloggable progress is pretty scant. I can show you my gorgeous Silky Wool swatch, though.

I am fighting every urge to cast on for this piece right now. But I can't and shouldn't, not until at least one turtleneck is done for Leo and my swatches are finished for the unbloggable items.

I will tell you that I have big plans for this yarn. Oh how I love the Silky Wool. I don't know how it stands up to the test of time, but it's a great weight, comes in a huge assortment of colors, has good yardage, has a delightful texture, is soft enough to wear against the skin and appears to have just the right balance of drape and structure to pull off a lot of designs.

In entirely unrelated news, I thought you might be happy to learn that the next season of Knitty Gritty has been scheduled.

New episodes should start airing next month. You can see what's coming in the next season by clicking here.

The two episodes that I'm in, do not air until later this year.


Oh, I was going to make those gloves next... I better get crankin' before that episode airs and everyone is making them! :)

That swatch is beautiful.

Love the swatch with all the diamond variations.

I'm bummed that I don't get that station. I'd love to see one of the shows you are on.

I could cry. I had cable when Knitty Gritty first started, I faithfully watched the first season...GIDDY over a show on KNITTING. I haven't had cable (50% out of poverty and 50% out of a middle finger to our monopoly cable company) in a year. And now you're on the show. I'm whiiiiining right now to husband who is making that "I couldn't force myself to care" face.

Oooo maybe my parents can TiVo it for me...

Mmmmmmm Silky Wool....I am working on two projects with that yarn, the Kiri Shawl and Liesl Lace Scarf...I've been trying to think of a third so that I can go back to my LYS and have reason to buy some more! Every time I pick up the Silky projects, I get this excited feeling and can't stop running my hands over the yarn.

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