I haven't abandoned Leo's sweater


But I have decided to whip through these socks for a little while.

I'm not sure if it's by design or by luck, but it just so happens that I was able to knit the toe and the heel in the same colors without cutting the yarn. I'd like to believe that the yarn manufacturer was brilliant enough to plan it that way, but it's hard to say. From toe to the start of the heel is exactly one repeat in their colorway.

Tell me that isn't cool.

Tomorrow is my sweet Leo's 40th birthday so we'll be spending most of the weekend celebrating in excess. May my waistline and liver recover quickly.


Good luck with the birthday weekend. I somehow don't believe that Leo's sweater is unfinished - I suspect that it's blocking somewhere... Can't wait to see it!

Very cool matching socks! :) Happy Birthday to Leo!

Hey, Leo and I share a birthday! But happily, I have not yet hit the big 4-0.
Have a great weekend celebrating.

Hey, Leo and I share a birthday! But happily, I have not yet hit the big 4-0.
Have a great weekend celebrating.

The socks look great--that IS very cool!

The socks look great! Happy happy to Leo. :)

Happy birthday to Leo! May he have many more happy years to enjoy hand-knitted items made for him by you! Health and long life to you both!

Happy B-day, Leo. Have fun!! and a lot of it, you only live once.

The socks look awesome! And Happy Birthday to Leo...I never would have guessed he was anywhere near 40!

Those socks look great! I love serendipidous sock yarn, it makes up for all the skankin pooling we put up with. Happy birthday Leo, enjoy the mock turtle neck. Will you be eating mock turtle soup?


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