Thank god I'm knitting them both at once


You know, I'm not completely burned out on knitting navy blue ribbing, but I'm pretty sure that having to start another sleeve from scratch would be a challenging endeavor. I think that knitting them both at once is a good choice. It's a bit of a bummer knitting all those stitches in a row and knowing I have many increases ahead of me, but in the few minutes I'm finding to knit each day, I can usually zone out and enjoy myself. My mind definitely starts wandering, yearning for future projects, but there's also that side of the project that's all about doing something special for Leo. I know, so sappy.

So those are the two sleeves, almost a third of the way to the sleeve cap. They are perched upon the blocked back piece, for scale.

Having folks take my quiz has been really fun, by the way. It's interesting to see how folks imagine my life to be. For those who didn't score so high, don't feel bad, it's not like most of that stuff comes up in day to day blogging.


I agree. I am making a sweater for my bf and I made the back and am working on the front. Mine is just stockinette, but I am enjoying the yarn I'm knitting it with. I'm thinking though that for the sleeves, it will be 2 at once, otherwise I will lose my momentum.

I think that doing both sleeves at the same time would *have* to be the way to go. I'm working on Kinsale by Alice Starmore for myself - albeit very slowly, because I've been really busy w/school - and when I get to the sleeves it will definitely be two at a time on one looooong circ.

But first, I have to bind off my first pair of Jaywalker socks, today. Woooo... I can't believe that it took me a month to knit them (after lots of ripping). Pics will come, later today or tomorrow!

the nice thing too about doing them both on one needle is they are guaranteed to be the same length. I generally have trouble with my row counting and forgetting to keep count or use the little clicky thing. Oy. It's a wonder I manage to get through the knitting at all.

I'm seriously considering ripping my ribbed thing and using the wool to make something cabled instead. Because I'm just not that nice...the only thing that stops me is that there was the most gorgeous tubular cast-on for this's so pretty I can't rip it. Sigh.

You're a better woman than I, Marnie MacLean.

When they're done, they'll be done, no second sleeve! Woohoo!

I always do both sleeves at once. In fact, if it's a pullover, I try to do the back and front at the same time as well.

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