New meme


Take my quiz*, then make your own. You can have as many or few questions as you like. If you have a better quiz utility, use it.

No tagging, just take the meme if you want it. If you decide to do a quiz yourself, drop a comment here so I know.

*Idea stolen from my brother.


ha! that was fun :)

now what's up with that pea thing? what did they ever do to you?

That was fun. Surprisingly, I got 7 out of 10, based only on what I know from reading your blog and guessing. I always have been good at guessing on tests...

wow, i made one and my boyfriend claimed that i was incorrect about myself. its aparently a quiz too biased to the quiz writer. if you want to check it out, its here:

wow. I had to quit, I was doing so badly!
Peas? Peas? I could've sworn it was brusselsprouts.

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