Taking it for a whorl


Since finishing my shawl, (pics coming soon) I've been spinning a lot. It could be the influx of new roving that has me excited or maybe it's seeing something I've spun worked up into something I'm proud of, but whatever it is, I just can't seem to stop.

First, I spun up some of the merino/tencel I got from Janel. The colorway is called "Indian Wedding." It beautiful, though I found it harder to spin than some of the other fibers I've used. I want to try again with a different spindle and see if that helps. The final product is so soft and the sheen is so nice, I know I'm going to want to spin it all up.

I also got my order from Spunky Eclectic. I ordered two batches of Amy's Almost Solid Series.

I. Love. This. Stuff.

It works up into a yarn that looks a lot like the Twisted Sister Monochromatic Variegated yarns.

I got myself a batch of Corriedale in Sunflower.

And worked it up into a big ol' skein. My new spindle has allowed me to make much larger quantities of yarn in a go. Why on earth I chose yellow, I don't know. I certainly can't wear that color alone and the other colors I have don't really go with it, but it makes me so happy to look at it. Don't get me wrong, I think yellow is an amazing color, I'm just not so sure it's a logic choice for me.

I also bought myself a batch of Merino in colorway, Red Maple. I think the color is really more like Plum. It's got a warm red undertone, but it's a pretty deep purple overall.

I'm spinning this much finer than the yellow, which is between a sport and worsted weight. This is going to be more like a sock weight, once plied.

From some of the sweet comments I've been getting, I am starting to think that we might need a "Knit Your Handspun Along," because there are a lot of you who don't seem to ever do anything with the yarn you create. Julia suggested that to me a while ago, so I can't take any credit for the idea, but I'd love to know what folks think.


definitely a great idea. i've been thinking for a while it'd be nice to have a list to all patterns that are good for handspun - ones that show off best the think-and-thin-ess of new handspun yarn (like dropstitch scarves, simple lace stitches) or others that don't need much yardage.

beautiful yarn, as always ;)

I love the yellow! I agree a knit/crochet your handspun -along is needed, but even more so patterns for small amounts of yarn. :)

Your photos make me want to order a spindle and some roving NOW! The rovings you pick are lovely and the spun yarns are beautiful. I'm trying to wait on a spindle and roving purchase until I get a few knit projects completed but...

That yellow is like sunshine on a spindle! I love yellows, even though they make me look kinda green. It just such a happy color.
I might be up for a handspun KAL. I've got to sit down and spin up some wool for the local guild's sheep to shawl project, but I've got some other stuff in stash, or I've got some fiber I could spin up.

Well, honey, you know I'm up for it :-) Julia FC asked me if there had been a Team Handspun for the Olympics, and there certainly ought to be for the next time around. I have been determined from the start to knit what I spin, no matter how lumpy or bumpy it was, and I think that has allowed me to progress with spinning in a more confident way. It's yarrrrrrn, baby, yarrrrnnnn.... And I don't know about you, but I happen to have a thing for yarn. :-)

Ooh, pretty! I haven't pulled out my drop spindle in a while, I really should take her out for a spin . . .

Hi, knit your handspun sounds like an awesome idea! Your spinning looks so yummy ;-)

If you're hosting, I'm in!

That yellow spun yarn does look cheerful and makes me smile. I'd be up for a knit your handspun along.

Those colors are so beautiful!! I love that sunflower. Amy's stuff is great, isn't it?!

Oh man, I've got roving and a new drop spindle downstairs I've been putting off trying, I think I'm feeling inspired! Those look good enough to eat!

Wonderful idea!

I would definitely jump on that band wagon. I have tons of roving, and spun roving (I guess that would be yarn, wouldn't it?) that I have yet to do anything with.

Just the motivation I need!

i always knit what i spin, i don't see the point otherwise, lol. but i'd be willing to join in. i'm trying to get enough spun to make a child's vest for a4a. and if you don't find a use for the yellow, i'd take it, lol (just ask itgirl, she had some olive green alpaca that she'd decided she didn't like the looks of, and i asked her if i could have it for a4a. she shipped it that week, and i'm knitting it into a bootie/hat set for the midwives program for a4a) i'll do anything for yarn, lol

That yellow skein reminds me of forsythia. Our spring is arriving as the first forsythia blossoms open in my yard. Soon, the back corner will be a riot of yellow.

If I could spin, I definitely would join in, but your photos are gorgeous. It's amazing see to see how it goes from the roving to the plied yarn.

Love your Golding spindle. Aren't they great!! I've done some little things (hats) with my handspun but am starting a shawl soon with my handspun from some Grafton Fibers batts. I'm hoping it goes well.

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