What a lovely Cliche!


Yesterday was St. Patrick's day, which means clovers, leprechauns and lots of green beer. To be honest, I'm rather indifferent to the holiday. My MacLean ancestors are Scottish, if you were wondering. But it's not even a matter of lineage, as I've been assured that I do, indeed, have some Irish blood coursing through my veins. There's no real reason, per se, I just don't feel any huge draw towards the holiday. But, yesterday, I got myself a little holiday cheer.

Leo and I both had a long week at work and we decided to try to find a new sushi restaurant near work, seeing as I'm right next to Little Tokyo.

On our way there, between light bursts of rain and sunshine, we saw this.

It's no four leaf clover, but it was definitely a visual pot o' gold.


Irish or not (I'm not), that's a lovely rainbow!

oh wow -- beautiful! i love the juxtaposition of nature and city in the pics. pardon my ignorance (i'm a northeast girl) but are rainbows common in southern CA? i remember seeing them all over the place in Hawaii and now i'm curious.

I am the opposite, mostly Irish with a little Scottish blood. I call it St. Beer Day...and it sure is. I think I still have the headache to prove it.

The only way to be sure there's a pot o' gold is to look for a cache of yarn and roving.

Marnie! We were looking at the same rainbow, I love it!

We've been seeing a lot of rainbows here in the North too, I hope it means good things are coming (or bad things are going) come November. Thanks for the photo!

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