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The shawl has been so much fun and I'm very excited about it but I'm pretty sure I cannot maintain a knitting blog on that one shawl alone. So I was sitting around, trying to decide what to knit next and what yarn to use. I definitely plan to do more with my handspun but I wanted to work on something a little different.

So this weekend, I knit this:

But I didn't knit it by hand, I used my trusty knitting machine.

The yarn is Silk City Soft Stretch which is a cotton yarn with 4% Elite.

It's hard to see what's going on, because the yarn is a bit dark and everything is curly, but I've worked up the main pieces on my machine and am sewing them together. It's a very fitted cardigan, with a deep v-neck and a hem that descends from the natural waist to just about the hips. What got me thinking about this design was Jody's post about this design. I love the hem and I think the piece is lovely and flattering on the model, but having read Jody's description of the construction, I wasn't sure it'd be something I would be able to use a lot. Like Annie's Vogue Knitting cover design, the basic construction is that of a circle, which forms the front, back and collar. I'm oversimplifying here, but you get the idea. While I think that's a brilliant idea, knowing my body shape and what I like to wear, I wanted to mimic that curved hem, but I wanted it to be a bit more fitted throughout. So this piece is basically a hip length cardigan, fitted, set in sleeves, very simple overall. The only difference is that the front hem starts at around the natural waist and slopes to the lowest point, center back.
It's worked bottom-up, in separate pieces. The front pieces curve with a series of increases, while the back gets a very gentle curve by way of short row shaping.

Once I'm done piecing the main bits together I'll work all the edging. With my knitting machine, I find the cast ons and bind offs sub par, so everything was done with a provisional cast on and bind off and all live stitches are held on waste yarn. I'll be playing around with different treatments, but it will probably be one of a few ideas I have.

  1. A simple ruffle that runs all the way around the edges, including the sleeves to make a simple bell at the end.
  2. A crochet border, very simple with a delicate picot detail for interest
  3. Lace, much like the ruffle idea but much lighter
  4. Shawl collar and i-cord bind off, for a more classic and simple look
  5. Whatever else comes to me in a fit of inspiration


I've been contemplating that very same Drops circle cardi and find your reasoning for creating your own similar but differently constructed version intriguing. I wonder if you'll consider publishing this one or offering it on your site at some point; I'm a sucker for shaped cardis and like your ideas for finishing. :)

i would say go for the crocheted/picot edge. it looks nice

wow that's a fabulous interpretation of the Garnstudio design. i have to admit that i'm a little concerned about the fit on mine as well. if it wasn't in a larger gauge (15 sts/4 in) i don't think i would have tried it. there's a chance the whole thing will be frogged!

looking forward to seeing what you do with the edges. they're all lovely choices.

Marnie, you little devil! Where have you been all of my knitting blog life?

Your machine knit sweater is looking great!

I've got an LK150, but have only made 2 sweaters, so far.

Nice to see someone else that hand AND machine knits.

You are amazing! Wish I had someone to learn machine knitting from as you did. A sweater a weekend maybe then I could make a wee dent in my stash.

That looks great! The shop I work in sells those machines, and I've played around with it some, but I'm not proficient with it yet. I'm sure that's mostly practice, though.

Anyway, I think you should write a book of knitting machine patterns. There aren't nearly enough, and what's out there is largely of the "You Knit WHAT?!" variety. Please? ~_^

Who knew machine knitting could look so sexy!

Fabulous as usual.

And- just for a laugh, when I was surfing thru the previous page, I thought the heading said "Recent Addictions"

Please tell Mom I love her pattern!

Hugs to Panda,

Anne aka roxy

there's something about the knitted circle with arms that is sorely tempting (i'm also very tempted by the long rectangle with sleeves cardi shrug that's popping up - stitchdiva has one, the vogue before last's yoga wrap, etc...), just as a thought piece but i think you're right in not knitting it -- notice in both cases that the models are clutching at it in just the same place. i think there's a reason for that!

this, on the other hand, will be curvalicious. i'd go with a smoother border -- a row of ruffles at the hips is maybe not so flattering.

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