Cardigan Trim


I have been working on the trim for my machine knit cardi, for a couple of days. I started by trying to pick up stitches around the whole piece but found that none of my circular needles were long enough. Next, I tried crochet, but I couldn't quite get the effect I wanted. Crochet just tends to be denser and less drapy, and I wanted to keep the trim soft.

So today, I went to an LYS and picked up a longer circular needle. It's funny, really, while it only took me a couple days to knit the piece on the machine, it's taking me much longer to actually finish it.

Not much to look at, really, though I tried it on before picking up to knit and I am very happy with the fit.

When I'm not working on the cardi, I've been spinning up more of my sunflower colored roving

I've spun just over half of the 4 ounces that I bought. The left skein is my first and the right, my most recent. It's a little finer than the first round but not by much.

I've also made one last addition to the shawl.

It's a little rose crocheted from the same yarn. I think it'll be a nice way to close shawl without tying or holding it.


Fubulous! I especially love the addition of the rose! I have a couple of shawls finished up here lately, so I am going to have to give that a try.

OK, that would be FABulous! I guess we could use fubulous when it's just one notch up from fabulous! ;-P

I am not a fan of yellow, but that sunflower yarn is gorgeous! What will the yarn be when it grows up?

I love the crocehted flower closure. I think that's the perfect final detail!

Is the crocheted flower on a pin/shawl pin? Or is there a loop going over it that I'm not seeing?

Either way, it looks very nice. :)

The combination of the rose closure and the leaf pattern is just perfect on your shawl. As for the handknit edging issue, it seems you need to buy the long cords for your Denise needle set. I purchased both the 52 and 40 inch cords for just such times.

That shawl is so gorgeous and springy-colored and, mmmm! I love it.

Great colours! The flower for the shawl is lovely. Have you attached it to a pin/brooch?

I knit a sock on my machine at the weekend and then spent almost equal time sewing it up. I say almost because I got fed up with it!

The rose is a nice touch.

I just found your site - that shawl is fabulous! So up to date - I love lace knitting but find most of the patterns too dated (although I appreciate the talent it takes to write the patterns and knit them.) I hope you win- when you win, will pattern be featured?

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