Don't thank me


Thank my mom. She wrote up the pattern and it's now available. If you want to take a look, just pop on over here.


Thanks, Marnie's Mom! (Sorry for not knowing her name!)

Thanks, Roxie. (Should look at the pattern before writing comment!)

Mrs. Day!
It was soooo great to meet you at Stitches. You have a wonderful and talented daughter and now I know where she gets it. Good job. I've printed this out and next week I'm off to go and get the yarn. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing....

Mary-Kay Tilden
PS. Hi Marnie and Panda! Woof says Missy

Thanks Marnie's mom! It's really cool!

Now I see where you get your talent and creativity from. This design is lovely, delicate and feminine, just like many of yours. You should form a mother daughter ace designing team, it would be great.

Thanks, Marnie's mom! What a great pattern!

i was showing my daughters who are new knitters your patterns. tell your mom we like her roses scarf! we can see where you talent for pattern writing comes from. ;-)

How beautiful! I can imagine knitting yards of this for a garland. I didn't know the story behind the Frog Tree Alpaca. Thank you for sharing it in the pattern. Now, I'll choose that over other alpaca yarn.
Thank you to you and your mom.

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