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I was planning to post some pictures of my Stitches purchases and my finished keyhole top, but Leo needs the camera today.

Instead, I thought I'd take a pole.

You know that funky scarf/necklace thing my mom was wearing in an earlier post?

Well, she has offered to make the pattern available for free to you guys, via my website. If you are interested, please leave a comment and if there's enough interest, I should be able to get something up for you by the end of the weekend.


Just earlier today I was considering the necklace and wondering where the pattern was from.
Does the felting need to be done inside a mesh bag or something to keep it from being torn apart by the washer?
Looking forward to the pattern!

Absolutely! It's a terribly fun idea!

I would definitely be interested in the pattern!

I would really appreciate it, if you would do that. I adore your site - I've recently found it. Here in Finland we really need patterns like that! :-)

Your mom is so much fun! That would be a fun pattern from her, I think!

I'd love to have it. It'd would make a great scarf for my mom (and me!)

Can I have your mom? No, seriously? Someone who shares your interests and is cute as hell? I would take good care of her. I already have one wee monkeygurl, so she'd have a grandbaby.


Not ready to give her up?


Okay, then. I'll take the pattern. But I'd rather have the mom.

Ah,,,, Yeah! That would be great! I'd love it! And, your mom is darling by the way...

ANYTHING you give us is beautiful!

I LOVE that scarf! I would love to see how it was made...if you wouldn't mind to much...

I'd love the pattern! It is absolutely FAB! Thanks to Marnie's mom for sharing it with us!

that would be so cool to try that pattern. Thanks

i would be interested, if only for the novelty value. i don't do big necklaces, lol. i ended up choosing the pomatomus pattern from knitty for the sockpal000za socks, but i'm keeping your wyvern pattern in mind for myself! us dragons gots to stick together!

I'd LOVE to have the pattern! Your mother's great!


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