Watching sausage being made


I really want to show you images of the handspun I've been knitting. What is my problem? Lighting. I get up at 4:30 am to blog, and I've spent an hour trying to get a decent picture. It's not light out when I'm home, this time of year. While I've certainly offered my fair share of crappy photos, I genuinely do strive to have something decent to show you.

There are some bloggers who just never seem to have bad pictures up. They tend to photograph their pictures in natural light to ensure that everything looks beautiful.
I am not these bloggers, nor any of the others, who, ifI weren't so sleepy, I'd remember. Nope, I take pictures when I am ready to blog and light be damned! But it doesn't mean I don't lament my crappy photos. This morning, I took my soy silk yarn on a field trip around the house in hopes of finding a decent shot.

Go on the adventure, after the bump.

The starting place is always the ironing board. It's there, it's light colored, there's a lamp next to it, no clutter, easy peasy.


How about faux wood veneer on a speaker?

It's like something out of the 1970s.

The kitchen counter?

Definitely not. But do admire my great focus. Yah, baby.

Leo's bathroom counter?

Yellow marble isn't cutting it.

Well, you knew where it'd all end, didn't you?

You can't see the knitting, but still, best pic of the bunch.
And don't worry, I didn't poke her eye out or anything.

Maybe I'll manage to snap a photo in good lighting while at work. Maybe not. For now, just know that we here at Marnie Talks do strive to offer great service, and it's always the thought that counts, right? RIGHT?


While I'm always a sucker for a Panda shot, I think the yellow marble looks pretty good too!

And I know what you mean about the lighting. My boyfriend is always saying the same thing ('don't ask me to take your picture at night, the lighting sucks!')

I think they're all beautiful. I'm in the same boat as you in regards to getting quality day light shots (and my cheapo camera doesn't help). I'm a sucker for the Panda shots, though.

AUTHOR: Anonymous
DATE: 01/11/2006 07:11:25 AM

omg the cutness of puppy face! lol

What stitch is that? I like it!

I've been known to take pictures on the stovetop...complete with pots and pans. White background (if I cleaned, that is...), arty lighting, healthy dose of bizarro kitsch.

Okay, okay, I do it because I'm not patient either ;-)

Knitting? There was knitting in that picture of Panda? I just saw big brown eyes!

You are too funny. I can tell that the stitch pattern and yarn are beautiful, regardless. If I can't get good light in the morning, I take my knitting to work and photoshoot over my lunch break. I'm a little nutty that way. But then I have a rose garden at work. Life is tough. *smile*

Panda is so cute!! I've never seen a problem with your pix. The yarn is gorgeous. What stitch did you use, it works so well with the colorations in the yarn. have a good day.

Wow - that yarn looks fantastic! I love the panda shot - so cute! What stitch are you using? It really shows of the colors in the yarn. :)

Ok, what is that stitch pattern?? It looks GREAT with the yarn, and I love the way the colors are flowing from one to the next.
And our dogs are amazingly patient with us, aren't they? :)

Gorgeous spun yarn, creative pattern (interesting stitch that shows yarn in its "best light"), cute dog. You want perfect pics too???

Cara uses a piece of wood as her background ( for consistency. If you're intent on a setting, you may want to create one just for photos. Although, I do have to say that Panda is the best model out there!

The picture of your dog Panda is such a "soul shot." You know...she is looking at you with those big eyes and touching your soul.

omigod. panda and beautiful handspun all in one shot. too lovely.

too funny ;) i tried draping stuff over my cats, but they won't hold still. so i just stick with my kitchen table, which happens to (usually) get good light in the mornings. but panda's nose is much nicer.

I feel your pain, Marnie.

You may want to try buying a portable photo studio for yourself.

I'd heard about these from a friend, went into my local Ritz Camera and bought one for about $100. It comes with a few backdrops, a pop-up tent, two tungsten fold-up lamos which fit neatly in the carrying case and a few other thingies. The whole thing is highly portable and fits back in your closet very easily.

Here's a link to a more stylish one from Japan

That's not the one I bought, but it's along the same idea.

Oh, and YOU WAKE UP AT 4:30 AM???

Panda...she is STILL achingly cute. :-)

I'm like you. More often than not, I end up finishing something the night before gifting and take pictures at midnight with the worst lighting imaginable. I *try* to get pictures with natural light, though. That counts, right?

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