I am so pleased to present my newest pattern, Giselle, which will be available exclusively through Stitch Diva Studios.

naama 317.jpg

The pattern is currently in the tech editing stage, in Donna Druchunas' capable hands. After that, it goes to layout and then the pattern will be available for order.

Jennifer asked me to model the garment so I met with her, near her home and we shot over two days. I have the first day's shoot up at my Flickr account. I'll have the second day's shoot, shortly in the same location. Check out a couple of the outtakes at the end of the set.

naama 458.jpg

The garment is modeled in three variations; an all knit version (orange), a knit and crochet version (red and silver-mo betta pictures to come) and a cropped version in knit and crochet (to come, in brown and teal.) However, the knitter can work any of the styles in a single color or in two colors and may work knit or crochet trim in any combination.

naama 116.jpg

This design is based on a piece I've called, The Wedding Cardi, which I knit for myself back in 2005, for a friend's wedding.


It was knit in a discontinued yarn, and well before I had a firm grasp of pattern writing. I had it as set dressing for one of my episodes of Knitty Gritty and have continued to receive requests for a pattern, since. I hope that this ends up being a popular pattern. I'll let you know when it's available for purchase.


Gorgeous! Both you AND the pattern!

I really love this pattern. It's gorgeous and romantic without being frilly (I think it might be the rich, strong colors). Shaped perfectly. And very wearable -- we'll all look forward to its release!

The sweater is classic and feminine and flirty and I'm completely crazy about it, and the photos are absolutely beautiful!

Positively gorgeous. Congratulations!!

You look like a Rennaisance goddess in that new sweater!


Sexy! I hope it's a big seller!

You make me wish that I had a waist... LOL.

Oh lovely lovely! I can't wait!

you could not be more beautiful - love the red and silver -

wolf whistle.


What a gorgeous design! The sleeves...that neckline...the beautiful model...Words can't do this one justice! I cannot wait until this pattern comes out.

Beautiful - knit, model & setting! You must be a dancer of classical ballet, yes?

Perfectly lovely. I remember you mentioned your mom hasn't been happy with pictures of you; these ought to thrill her.

Perfectly lovely. I remember you mentioned your mom hasn't been happy with pictures of you; these ought to thrill her.

Absolutely beautiful - both the pattern and the photos!

so lovely! and the setting is perfect. congrats on a beautiful design.

The first photo is absolutely stunning. Of course the cardigan is pretty too :)

What a beautiful pattern. Looking forward to being able to knit it.

I love how the colors came out in that first picture. I will keep my eye out for this one.

Hubba hubba! ;)

Marnie, another beautiful pattern - your designs always look so current yet vintage-y and pretty. Congratulations!

Wow! Truly incredible.

Wow! Truly incredible.

OMG it's gorgeous!!! I'll be one of the first in line for that. I especially like the sleeves. Very cute!

gorgeous!!! i love that there will be three variations. and you look very pretty too.

Oh I love it....and you look stunning in it!


Nice sweater, too. ;^) Looking forward to the pattern.

This is such a beautifully "Marnie" romantic and gorgeous. And I love the variations!

Another beautiful pattern! Or patternS, I should say! Congratulations! What a great way to dress up a simple outfit and feel like a princess.

How lovely! The colors, the draping the fit...just lovely.

Marnie, both the pattern and the pictures are just fantastic! Kudos to you!

That is just lovely.

Beautiful pattern - so feminine and lovely!

It's just exquisite - I'll definitely be knitting it! And you look really beautiful in those photos.


Completely and utterly stunning

You're a wood nymph! I knew it!

When I grow up, I want to be like you, all writing patterns and being gorgeous and stuff. ;)

I really love it, and it looks great on you!

Both you and the sweater are gorgeous! Congrats on another gorgeous design!

Yay, it's here! Drop-dead gorgeous.

Wow, that's lovely!
I think Mum will like it enough to knit one up! I better go show her this.

The pattern is gorgeous and so are you!

So excited for when it's available!

Congrats, Marnie! The pattern is beautiful in all three versions. Now I just need to learn to crochet!

That's funny, I was just admiring your wedding cardi on Ravelry and wishing you had a pattern for it when I saw this. :) Gorgeous!

Very Lady of the Castle. It looks really good on you. :)

Oh. My. Gosh. It's gorgeous and amazing and I love it! I am going to have to push everything back for this one. I'm going to be daydreaming about yarns already, although I have no idea of the yarn weight needed. :-)

Now that's hot! I'm just trying to see what the green thingy is on the front.

Frit Froo! You and the sweater are so beautiful!


i will say no more.


well done! I look forward to seeing the other versions too -- congratulations!

I love it! Man, I can't wait to be able to knit for myself again, instead of for pattern samples..THIS is on the list :)

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