Star Wears


Or maybe, The Empire Waist Strikes Back?

McCall's 6554_02

Leo, my sci-fi loving nerd monkey, thinks the fabric is an odd choice. I wonder who the hell I married. I mean, really, if you saw this fabric wouldn't you want to make a kicky dress out of it? Of course you would. My one regret is that I didn't buy an additional yard so I could have matched the design up in more places. The pattern is McCall's 6554, and I wrote about the pattern here.

I also did some spinning.

Chain plied handspun_07

Actually, I started spinning this yarn about a year ago, but got distracted by my new obsession with sewing and my old obsession with knitting. I'm 99% positive it's from Amy's Progression Dyed collection, but the color and fiber content have been lost to time. Whatever it is, it's pretty. Just ask Panda and Thea.

Chain plied handspun_04

Chain plied handspun_05

Oh, and you know what else happened? We went to the beach.

Pacific City_June 15, 2012_37

And a seal watched us play

Pacific City_June 15, 2012_20

So we watched back.

And Thea made funny faces:

Pacific City_June 15, 2012_16

And Darwin was adorable

Pacific City_June 15, 2012_04

And Panda played her favorite game.

Pacific City_June 15, 2012_24

So, yah, things are pretty good.

Best of all, it's Father's day and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how glad I am my dad picked me to be his daughter.


Well, admittedly my first thought would have been duvet cover, but the second would have been trousers! Lovely dress.

Oh, and meant to say: the boots are pretty nifty too.

I'm in total agreement with you about the fabric. It's a brilliant dress.

And no one's commented on your coordinating hairstyle???? Just perfect.

... and I'm pretty glad too ...

delightful the dress, boots and you look fab...and the pups wear their new do's so well..thanks for starting my morning off with a smile

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