I have been waiting with bated breath since Quince & Co posted this preview, last Monday. I love designing shawls. When Pam asked me if I would consider designing one for Quince & Co, right as I was swatching up a shawl design, I figured it was serendipity. I put together a quick proposal and the rest is history, except it's the present, not history, but you know what I mean.

The design starts with small textured hills growing larger and then ending in a deep fluted ruffle. It brought to mind the drive to Mt Hood, which we can see from our bedroom window.

The pattern starts at the center-back neck and works out to the bind off at the end of the ruffle, in a single piece. The pattern is primarily charted.

© Carrie Bostick Hoge

I love Quince & Co's dreamy styling and high key photography. It beats the pants off my standing in front of our run down fence near the strawberry patch.

No strawberries were harmed in the filming of this shawl.

If you like the pattern, you can purchase it here. To see even more pictures, you can check out the Ravelry page for it.

Darwin helps with the modeling


This is a beautiful design. And I like the way your photo perfectly frames your lovely behind.

It would probably look much prettier draped around one of the girls than Darwin. Very nice, though.

Wow, that's very cool. Interesting idea for a pattern too, I like that it's a repeat but also differs in scale along the length.

Intoxicating. A must-knit.

On a completely different note, I second Sandi's comment, LOL!

I love the photo with Darwin - I'm assuming it was a matter of luck since I can't imagine getting him to actually pose like that.


I love the style of this;you can easily model with it. Nice triangle shape. A great shape.

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