Because it's summer


Sometimes, I read through the designer forums on Ravelry and people discuss ideal times to release different types of patterns and often it's pointed out how terrible sales are in the warm months and how unwise it can be to release a pattern at a time when it won't generate a lot of buzz. All really interesting stuff, and good advice.

In unrelated news, I have a new pattern, Uchiwa.


It's worked in a delightful merino/cashmere/nylon blend that is both soft and sturdy enough for regular use, though I did do a prototype in Koigu, and it worked just as well, albeit with a little less cushy softness.

Ahhh, cashmere in summer, I'm getting clammy just thinking about it. I'm pretty sure I missed my calling in marketing. I can tell I'm really selling you on this idea. But I'll say this, the holidays (if you celebrate them) aren't too far off and mittens and hats make for good gifts. And also, mittens are small and portable and it's winter in the southern hemisphere, so, this is totally the pattern you are looking for.

Want to find out more? Check out the pattern details here or on Ravelry



The colorwork motif reminds me of the way a moth looks when it's just sitting around-it's quite striking and beautiful. I can see people knitting small things in the summer- it makes sense to knit mittens and hats in advance of needing them.
Alas, I'm working on a wool skirt and while I"m looking forward to wearing it in autumn, I'm not looking forward to knitting on it anywhere near July- so I'm trying to hurry. But I am a slow knitter, so we'll see if I've got a 3/4 finished wool skirt sitting in my lap come August. Hopefully I don't knit that slowly!

I love these! The colors you chose look great together. I always knit in the summer and I live in the desert! :)

So beautifully put. Of course your calling was marketing - I saw what you did there! But why no adoring pupz at your feet? All photos are vastly improved by a dog or two.

I love this on you, that combination of colours looks just right.

They're beautiful!

Oh! So lovely! I agree that the idea of wearing these now, even in cashmere (especially in cashmere?) makes me cringe, but I ascribe to the seasonal knitting philosophy of small projects in summer, large projects in winter. So, honestly, your marketing strategy is perfect for a knitter such as myself.

For your sake and because these are so beautiful, I do hope there are other knitters like me; but, I fear there might not be....

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