Past the point of no return


For someone who rarely has occasion to wear anything fancier than pajamas and even fewer occasions to wear anything fancier than jean, it might be a little weird to love to sew dresses so much, even if it's a fun polka dot dress with a pink sash.

McCall's 6557_10

But you could always chalk that up to being more into the process than product of one's craft.

There are some peculiarities that are harder to write off, like rushing to your craft room after work, pulling out more pink satin and sewing it up while laughing maniacally, then using your lunch break to take another round of pictures, like this:

Bow Tie07

And possibly this:

Bow Tie08

And of course this:

Bow Tie02

If Leo divorces me and takes Darwin with him, you'll know why. It was worth it, though.


If Leo and Darwin ride off into the sunset together, leaving all you girls together, you'll know why.

You both look WONDERFUL! :)

you guys are all so stinkin' cute!

Darwin looks VERY handsome with his hot pink bow tie. And he also looks not at all unhappy.

Leo should be glad you didn't ask him to wear the bow tie. And how amazingly cute are you in that Betty Boop dress!

I understand the dress love, and I'm in the same boat as far as practicality. I don't sew them though (yet). I scour 2nd hand and vintage stores. I find things even more awesome but less practical that way. I love your newest dress, and I'm thinking of doing the online sewing course you took. I might have some time this summer and it looks super fun and just challenging enough. Have you done any other online sewing courses since the couture dress class? Do you find yourself re-watching portions of it as you tackle other projects?
You're a very inspiring lady.

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