Did you see the new Twist?

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I have two garment patterns in the newest Twist Collective.

The first is Lacewing, a feminine little tee, with a very adjustable neckline. It's worked in Kollage Corntastic and is trimmed with butterfly motifs around the hem and sleeves. I hope this is the sort of garment that people knit and love to wear because it's both flattering and comfortable. There's a bit of waist shaping, but not so much as to be clingy, and strategically placed lace meant to add femininity without being revealing or impractical. The pattern features tutorials for two types of picot cast ons that will be nice and stretchy so the hems form those beautiful scallops.

The second piece is Regent. This is the sort of garment I love both wearing and knitting. It's worked in a Catherine Lowe merino/silk blend, and features deep fluted ruffles around the entire cardigan and has a flattering curved hem. The optional tie can be used to cinch in the waist, but wearing it loose or with a purchased belt, works just as well. While I love ruffles, I always worry that they start to look clownish if one isn't careful. I wanted to make sure that these fell gracefully around the body. I think this is really wearable in a dark neutral shade, but imagine this worked with something a little more shimmery and it's perfect over a summer dress. Work it in a functional 100% wool, and you can wear it around the house in the fall, instead of turning up the heat.

Of course, these are just two of many great new patterns available in the edition. You've got to see some of the gorgeous socks, shawls and many more garments. I know there's no pleasing everyone, but it's hard for me to imagine that anyone couldn't find something they love in the edition. So check out the whole magazine, including all the great articles, here.

As a side note, I've contacted Carol, whose number was randomly chosen in the Kate Atherley book giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It's always reassuring to find out that crafting and cooking failures are pretty universal for people who do either.

1 Comment

Regent is a lovely garment, and very you.

And now we need a pup photo!

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