I love bad puns. The title of this post reminds me of one of my favorite puns. I'd like to believe I coined this one. Please don't crush my dreams, if it isn't true.

Colleague: How're you doing Marnie?
Me: Just ducky, thank you.
Colleague: Ducky?
Me: That's my duck-billed platitude.

Your eye roll is compliment enough for me.

Anyway, plaid:


It's Vogue 8701. I talked about the nuts and bolts here.

It's got a wide ballet neck in front and deeper v-neck in back

Vogue_8701_28 Vogue_8701_27

This is my first try matching plaid. It's not for the faint of heart, but I loves me some plaid so it won't be long before I try it again.

I find the best solution to plaid that might not perfectly match, is to show it next to something cute and distracting.


Admit it, it totally worked. Slip me some skin, Thea.


Even better, just leave the dress out altogether.

The pooches



Damn, That is one cute dress. You don't need to match in that dress. The shape of it shows off your vavavoom curves in a very flattering way.
Yes, the doggies are adorable, but they don't even have to try, and I'm sure you put a lot of work into that dress. It makes me want to dust off my machine and sharpen up my fabric stitching skills!

That Darwin of yours is growing beautifully - he has ears just like my Bil's. The last photos is the best of course, but your dress is very smart too. Nicely fitted.

Cute dress. Good job on matching the plaids.

But, as you might expect, love the pup pictures the best.

That dress is so you, with the boat neck front and the V in back. Very, very pretty. And what a good girl Thea is with her sit pretty!

I love the pun. It make me snort my morning coffee. The dress is lovely and the pups are darling. Thanks you made my morning .

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