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Last year, I made some reusable shopping bags that I shipped off to loved ones for the holidays

Reusable Shopping Bags_21

Reusable Shopping Bags_05

It's from a fantastic pattern I picked up at a local quilt shop, but which you may purchase here, if you're so inclined.

While I was sad to see them go, I knew I'd make more, I just didn't know (though I should have) that making 12 of the same item is a special kind of torture for me. It's not that they are hard or laborious or anything, it's just, well, more and more of the same thing.

But after sitting on these half finished bags for months, I finally found the motivation to finish them up, in all their glorious adorableness.

Woodlands_Reusable Bags_17
Six folded bags and a sash to keep them tidy. Don't mind the wonky hook and loop tape.

Woodlands_Reusable Bags_20
The sash can hold up to 6 bags...

Woodlands_Reusable Bags_27
...or as few as 2 bags

Woodlands_Reusable Bags_19
Templates for the tree and leaves are included in the pattern.

And seriously, how fricken cute is this fabric?

Woodlands_Reusable Bags_08
The squirrels are killing me

I believe it's now discontinued so you'd have to hunt around if you wanted to get some. it's called Woodlands from Anthology and I made the whole set with 1 half-yard bundle of the entire line, along with a few yards of bleached muslin to line the bags.

And before you ask, yes, I still knit. I even have proof:

some knitting

This one isn't even a deadline project, just something that might end up being self published.

*I'm so dating myself with that pun. Do any of you know the reference? Here's a little refresher for people close to my age and a little slice of the 70s for the rest of you.

Jump to about the 2:30 mark to get to the music.


Marnie, Yes, I totally got that pun right away, very 70's! I found a copy of the book that goes to that song at a used bookstore here in Eugene when my son was little, back in the 90's. Thanks from the blast from the past, and for showing off your super-cute bags. i really want one, but I don't see myself pulling out the sewing machine today.
BTW I loved the badgers video you posted- that was hilarious AND educational!

Those bags are amazingly adorable! Almost makes me want to sew.

Almost. :)

Jeez - I was already a mother when that song came out - seeing those 70's clothes makes me feel REALLY old. Those bags are so cute. Wonder if I have time to make enough for all my nieces & nephews for Christmas. Everyone can use a reusable shopping bag. Or maybe just a few for my DC daughter (DC stores do not give you bags of any kind - I think they are required by law to charge $.25 per bag & they only offer cheesy, thin, tiny bags so even a small amount of groceries uses up 4 or 5 bags which can't be reused because they rip on the way home- so EVERYONE uses reusable bags.) Is that a top down turtleneck? Looks nice.

Marnie, you are amazing - love your work and those bags are super cute and the fabric is just awesome :) I am a fan of your work big time :)

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