If you've ever watched videos of people doing free motion quilting, it always looks so easy and fun. It might be the latter but it's most certainly not the former. I am glad I kept to a not-too-ambitious project for my first go at it.

Quilted Pillows_18

These should fit in nicely in our breakfast nook which is currently upholstered in blue and white fabric against yellow walls, though we plan to change all of that, someday.

Quilted Pillows_14

They are stuffed with polyfil, and backed with medium weight muslin.

Quilted Pillows_09

The fabric is Moda Hometown and a single layer cake will make 9 of these 15" pillow tops or 4, 9 square pillows around 23" wide. You can get even more out of the layer cake if you don't insist on making all the accent squares dark red as I did.

Quilted Pillows_04

If you want to try making these blocks yourself, here's a schematic (you can click through to get to the option to embiggen it)

Quilted Pillows_21

The center row, with the two extra seams, will be an inch narrower than the top and bottom row so you'll have to trim down the block after assembly, to make it square.

Quilted Pillows_08

You have been looking at the pillows, right? I mean, there wasn't anything distracting you in those photos, I hope.

Quilted Pillows_12

It's important to focus on what matters.


I must admit, I was distracted from the beautiful quilting by all of the pinup posing! WHAT CUTE PHOTOS!!! :) I love the color combination that you used on your pillows.

Distracted by your adorable pupz - never! I love free-motion quilting, but it takes a while to get the hang of it, and if you do much you'll end up with enormous shoulder muscles! Nice job though.

Those pillows are amazing! I especially love the quilting pattern that looks like pebbles. Well done! That last picture with the doggie paw close up is precious.

Love all of them but especially the one furthest to the right in the top picture. And I see the pups like them as much as I do.

Darwin has settled in nicely with the girls! Although I did enjoy his badness; eating the roasted chicken was priceless! Eventually, they all grow up...

And I thought I was the only one to take close-ups of my pups paw.awwww!
Too cute for words

The dogs are so damn cute that I almost forgot about the beautiful quilted items! Your pups make me want to run out and get pups like them.

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