I now want pockets on everything


This pattern was so quick, so easy and the results so cute that I kind of want to sew up a dozen more and live in them. Come summer, a mid-length machine washable skirt (or two) is a great alternative to the jeans I normally live in for all occasions outside the house.

McCall's 5431_06 McCall's 5431_15
Modeling assistance courtesy of the pack

It looks a little like an apron when worked in cotton but I think it'd be really versatile in light denim, linen, or chino fabric.

But what I love, love love love, are the pockets.

McCall's 5431_07
The pockets are good at holding the stuff

They are ridiculously roomy. The pattern doesn't indicate a shorter version with the two toned pockets, but it's easy enough to make the modification, just buy an extra quarter yard or so of the main fabric and work version A, but do the pockets for version B.

Despite not having any darts and only a few seams, the fit on this skirt is great, and is so far the best of the three I've sewn since getting my new machine. It was a fun project to slip in while working on more substantial projects with the bulk of my time.

You didn't see this, it's a secret


All those skirts are SO cute! Care to share the names of the patterns?

The skirt is great! I can definitely see it becoming a go to item! I don't sew much, but I do remember being awestruck by how simple and useful pockets were. I'm enjoying watching your creations!

...and I've just had to track this pattern down for myself - a lovely basic skirt pattern with that lovely added detail. And yes, pockets are so useful, especially for dog noms!

I bought that pattern over a year ago, but I still haven't made the skirt. You've totally sold me; I want a fun, pocketful skirt!

Cute skirts! I have gotten so that I cannot stand to wear clothes without pockets. Men don't; why should women?

That is such a supercute skirt and I am always looking for one in that length... I have a sewing machine but did not get around to using it yet ... so probably that pattern is way out of my skill range.
Love it also in the colourway you made it in!!!
Sigh - I wish I could sew.

Pockets, yes, what a good idea! Thanks!

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