Do you suffer from CDP?


Do you suffer from Crazy Dog Personitis [CDP]? Symptoms may include:

A compulsion to relegate half your vehicle for the comfort and safety of your dogs.


An uncontrolled desire to snuggle, which sometimes interferes with other tasks you should be doing.

Man_and_his_dogs_14 Man_and_his_dogs_04

Attraction to sun beams.


Inability to consider weather reports before deciding to drive 2 hours so your dogs can play.

Susceptibility to furrowed brows.


And, in the case of extreme CDP, a tendency towards ordering a burger for yourself....


...And then some mini burgers, minus all the fixin's for your pooches awaiting you in the car.

If you have these symptoms, or any other symptoms of CDP, there's no hope for you, no cure, and no treatment, but you are in good company. I prescribe two belly rubs per dog, and call me in the morning.

Bunches of additional pictures here.


Awesome dogginess!

I am happily struck with CDP. I hope they never find a cure.

As always, you say it so well with both your words and pictures

I never thought I'd have CDP, until we got this pup of ours. We'd do anything for her and are trying to spoil her rotten. ;) I'm ready for a trip to the beach!

I have CDP and I LOVE it!! Great blog!

I checked with Chappy and he says that I am absolutely NOT a crazy dog person--just that I'm very well trained. (And he wants to know why I never order extra burgers for him. So, um, thanks for that.)

We have been afflicted with an incurable case of CDP. In addition to completely going over the house and yard to make it greyhound-friendly, we actually just bought a minivan so they could get in and out easier and our little sport wagon.

A year ago I did not own a dog and did not even like them. Today I have the worst (best?) case of CDP in history.

Incurable CDP since babyhood. And I remember all their names from Judy and brandy the springer spaniels over 60 years ago to Jack (greyhound/German shepherd/??) and Sion (whippet) taking up the places that three humans could be sitting in! Jack has the 2-seater sofa and Sion has an armchair.

J and I have been heavily considering rescuing a dog for the past few months, and I think we're well on our way to CDP (considering we're already CCP: crazy cat people).

So there's name for what I've got! I thought I was just in love with my dog. My symptoms include referring to my beloved furry friend as a person, which seems not at all strange to me but does get me odd looks from the other humans. On the bright side, I'm extra loving to my hubby and son so they don't suspect that I love the dog more!

Yes! I too am thus afflicted. I just recently moved into an apartment with a smaller living room and I decided that the "human" sofa had to go so that the "dog" sofa could fit. (There's a chair for any humans afraid of the dog sofa.)

And just this weekend I succumbed to a furrowed brow and allowed a branch (stick is too slender a word for this one) to be brought into the apartment and turned into chips (he doesn't eat them) on the bedroom carpet.

For certain, this is a disease I don't want cured.

Too funny!!! (and too true!)

I'm definitely also happily afflicted.... I once brought a little tupperware container to a fancy (read: expensive!) steakhouse to bring a little bit of the deliciousness home to my dog.

I wouldn't say we "suffer" from CPD...
I'm so glad to see that your new baby is such a good snuggler!

Oh man, dogs are cute! Like literally all of them. Like I could be a crazy cat lady, but with dogs.

This morning it was cold and snowy outside and I actually was late to work because I was busy getting warm dog snuggles instead of getting ready for work.

What great pictures! I think I would have that disease if I had a doggy. I have a kitty though and I would do the same for her, is there an illness I should be concerned about? =)

I've always thought the sun spot thing was a feline characteristic. It's something I've shared with each of the several cats I've had in my home. Currently, our largest cat loves to lie in a cat bed on the futon (still not folded back up) in the spare room right under a window with the sun streaming in on her.

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